Quite a few quite a number of (Quite a lot)


We’ve got quite a few Americans working here.

I’d like to order another one hundred boxes of red wine;

we sold quite a number of them last summer.

It should be noted that Quite a few is used for countable nouns only, whilst for uncountable nouns one could use

Quite a bit of:
l. They had quite a bit of money in their Clients’ Account.
2. Don’t worry, there’s quite a bit of time left yet

Quite a bit (and Quite a lot) can also mean quite often:
I’ve been to Japan quite a bit this year.

Also note the use of Quite a while which means for quite a long time, a
l. I’ve been studying English for quite a while
2. A: How long are you intending to stay here?
B: I’m not sure but probably quite a while.