How to improve IELTS Listening score?

IELTS Listening is the easiest part of the entire IELTS test. This part lasts up to 30 minutes and the complete test is divided into 4 parts ( Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4). Difficulty level increase gradually it means part 1 is the easiest and part 4 the most difficult one.

To improve IELTS Listening, You need to focus on the below-mentioned points

Understand rules & test Pattern

Improve English listening

Watch Movies ( Hollywood)


Separate Practice

It’s not a grammar game

Understand rules & test pattern

IELTS Listening test has many question types ( Like Form Filling, Maps, Multiple choice questions, etc) I will give you more information about this in detail in some other article but remember you need to understand each type of question form and rules properly. There are some rules like ( Capital letter rules, word and number limit, answer type ( Just a,b,c, or full answer).

Improve English Listening

This is an English comprehension test and the most important thing is English ( Improve your English Listening skills). Listen as much as possible to improve. Focus on the below-mentioned points



Always try to predict the answer ( it can be the name of the place, train, garden, noun, adjective ). Read the sentence and surroundings. While practicing always focus on synonyms. Always think about the alternative.

Watch Movies ( With Subtitle)

Hollywood movies or any English web show can help you improve your English. mostly students are not able to understand speech and if you are the one facing this issue you must watch movies and listen as much as possible ( Remember one golden rule – If you don’t understand any word or a structure stop resolve, remember and go ahead).

Let me recommend some shows





Podcast will help you a lot in part 4 ( long talk from the single speaker).  students are facing a problem in part 4 where a single speaker is speaking for about 3 minutes by listening podcast you can score high in part 4.

Separate practice

Identify your weak zone first. If you are weak in multiple-choice questions then do the separate practice of Multiple choice questions. You will get a separate question in UtterMost: IELTS Preparation app( this app is only available for android users)

It’s not a grammar game

Grammar is important but not the only key to get success. Do not think a lot about grammar. Always remember you are listening to catch answers not to remember the speech.

For better study material try UtterMost: IELTS preparation UtterMost: IELTS preparation app. It is available for free to download from Google Play Store

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