IELTS Listening Shot Answer Tips ( Short Answers IELTS Listening Tips)

IELTS Listening Tips & tricks

— Read the guidelines cautiously.

— Skim the Questions rapidly before the chronicle begins and during the 30 seconds given. As you do this,

1) underline the watchwords.

2) attempt to work out what you will hear.

3) choose what you have to tune in out for.

4) pay special mind to address words like ‘where’ and ‘who’ which show you ought to tune in for explicit things like places and individuals.

— Listen to the presentation given cautiously.

— Answer the inquiries as you tune in. The appropriate responses will be surrendered similar request as the inquiries in spite of the fact that they might be communicated in an unexpected way.

— You may utilize your own words.

— Make notes adjacent to the inquiry on the off chance that you don’t know of the appropriate response.


— on the off chance that you don’t know the importance of any of the words in the inquiries take a gander at different inquiries. They may have some related jargon in them to assist you with speculating the importance.

— the appropriate response could be a single word, two words, or three words yet not four or on the other hand more.

— if you think that you need more than 3 words your answer is presumably wrong.

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