How Can I Get an IELTS Listening Score of 9?

Here are the best ways to score 9.0 in your listening exam:-

01. Guess the answers in advance:

  • This is a trick which helped many of my students to get higher bands.
  • The trick is that, at the time when you get the question paper, Read the first section carefully.
  • After that, try guessing the answer, for example:- If a question is talking about any garden, the answer might be a name of any fruit or a tree.

02. Start practising multiple times near to the exam

Language skills are required to be practised regularly to maintain a good level. You will start getting confused even in your native language if you do not practice daily. It is advisable to start preparing more near to the exam to become more confident and habitual of listening to a language which you are learning.

Note:- You don’t need to spend lavishly to buy several books on practising English. There are various Youtube channels from which you can practice daily.

03. Increase the listening audio track play speed by “0.25”

  • This method worked like a miracle to me. There are plenty of reasons why it worked. One of them is that, if you are listening at an increased speed deliberately, You will concentrate more to listen to every answer more carefully. And this particular habit will make you more focused even on your exam. Thus, the chances of missing any answer would get reduced dramatically.

Besides, in case you get a little tough listening in your exam, meaning speakers are talking at a fast pace, you will not face any problems while handling such sections in your exam.


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