Fussy (Difficult to please, not easily satisfied)


Tell me what you want to eat before I make dinner because
I know you’re a fussy eater/how fussy you are.

She’s not very fussy about whom she goes out with,
providing he’s well-off.

Note also the words Choosy, Particular and Picky which have the same meaning as Fussy.

  • If you wear your own clothes, try to make them smart and not too fussy.
  • Perhaps fussy was simply a straightforward term for the small-scaled, repetitive elements encrusting that proposal.
  • Such children are expected to be less fussy and, thus, less irritable than other children.
  • When we combined paternal and maternal reports into a single construct reflecting fussy/ difficult temperament, this association was no longer significant.
  • Children are irritable and fussy with the teacher with no apparent cause.
  • In cases when the infant was asleep or very fussy, visits were rescheduled.
  • The modern arbiters of garden taste have rejected the nineteenth-century suburban middle-class style as fussy and busy.
  • The present results suggest that alcoholic fathers tend to report their infants as being more fussy or difficult compared to those in the control group.