To make a fuss

To make a fuss
(To complain, to be difficult, i.e. a person, not a thing)

If I’m in a restaurant and the service is slow, l can’t help making a fuss.

I do wish you’d stop making a fuss and continue with your work.

Do not confuse this expression with To make a fuss of / To fuss over which means to show affection towards a person or animal, to give someone a lot of care and attention.

e.g. 1. My dog loves to be made a fuss of fussed over.

1. Beth is not the type to make a fuss.2. Make a fuss of your dog when he behaves properly.3. Was I wrong to make a fuss?4. Don’t make a fuss but don’t be a martyr.5. I do not make a fuss, I do not rant and splutter.6. So do not feel you have to make a fuss to get attention.7. But don’t make a fuss over a little thing like that.8. When you arrive, you or your advocate should make a fuss.9. It’s nothing to make a fuss about.10. Don’t make a fuss over the child’s naughtiness.11. The dogs make a fuss of both of us.12. He didn’t want to make a fuss.13. Don’t make a fuss about it.14. There is nothing make a fuss about.15. Don’t make a fuss about such trifles.16. She will never make a fuss about trifles.17. I don’t want to make a fuss over such a trifle.18. Don’t make a fuss!19. Do the job you’ve been given and don’t make a fuss.20. Why do you always make a fuss over a trivial things?21. Please don’t make a fuss about such a small thing.22. His mother make a fuss of him every time he come home.23. She began to make a fuss asking from where he got the coins. Finally he told her that it was the baraka of the Shaykh.24. He accepted our fate like a stoic and refused to make a fuss.25. And Katie started crying all over again just so that he would make a fuss of her.26. Southall waits for me now when I arrive and make a fuss of me – I can even hug Kizzy.27. Seb’s father was a large, comfortable-looking man who did not seem disposed to make a fuss.28. She was still very nervous, though Mrs. Castell knew to make a fuss of her.29. Fussy 1 . I’m not fussy . 2 . He’s a finicky eater 3. Why should we make a fuss about it?30. BEAR : If someone sells you a bruised apple, don’t make a fuss, make applesauce.