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The Listening test takes around 30 minutes. There are 40 questions and four sections.

The Listening test is recorded on a CD and is played ONCE only.

During the test, time is given for candidates to read the questions and write down and then check their answers. Answers are written on the question paper as candidates listen. When the recording ends, ten minutes are allowed for candidates to transfer their answers to an answer sheet.

Complete IELTS Listening Solution. There are basically 2 types of IELTS Listening tests available right now. Paper bases IELTS Listening and Computer Based IELTS Listening. Well on this website you will get both type of tests. 

100 Paper Based Listening Tests

50+ Computer Based IELTS Listening Test ( Fully Automatic – No Need Of Pen and Paper)


The Reading test takes 60 minutes. There are 40 questions, based on three reading passages with a total of 2,000 to 2,750 words.

Texts and questions appear on a question paper which candidates can write on but not remove from the examination room.

All answers must be entered on an answer sheet during the 60-minute test. No extra time is allowed for transferring answers.

IDP IELTS and British Council IELTS Both are offering Computer based and Paper Based Reading tests and we have solution for both ( 100 full paper based IELTS Reading Tests and 50 Computer based IELTS Reading Tests) no matter you are academic or general student.


The Writing test takes 60 minutes. There are two tasks to complete. It is suggested that about 20 minutes is spent on Task 1 which requires candidates to write at least 150 words. Task 2 requires at least 250 words and should take about 40 minutes.

Candidates may write on the question paper but this cannot be taken from the examination room and will not be seen by the examiner.

Answers must be given on the answer sheet and must be written in full. Notes or bullet points in whole or in part are not acceptable as answers.

We have a lot study material for both academic and general IELTS Writing. 500 IELTS Essays, 200 Academic Writing task-1 ( Reports) and 200 General IELTS Writing task-1 ( Letters)


The Speaking test takes between 11 and 14 minutes and consists of an oral interview between the candidate and an examiner.

All Speaking tests are recorded.

Complete IELTS Speaking solution – Latest IELTS Speaking part 1 questions with answers, latest IELTS cuecard topics with answers and Latest IELTS Speaking part 3 questions with answers. Apart from study material you can experience fully automated virtual tests.