What are some of the common topics for IELTS speaking Questions?


1. What is your name?

2. Where do you come from?

3. Where is your home area?

4. Is it true that you are an understudy or a private help holder?

5. Where are you considering or working?

6. DO you have any additional capability other than instruction?

7. What is your opinion about living in Sylhet/Dhaka/Chittagong?

8. What are the specialities of the city from which you come?

9.Describe your good example/most loved character?

10.Describe your top choice and significant structure in your old neighbourhood.

11. For what reason do you like this structure?

12. Do you have any most loved celebration? What’s going on here?

13. Do you like celebrations?

14. Why/Why not?

15. What is your most loved spot to visit in your nation?

16. When did you go there last time?

17. How could you appreciate there? Notice a few offices that you arrived.

18. Educate me concerning the most critical day or occasion of your life.

19. What sort of family do you live in?

20. Enlighten something regarding your relatives.

21. How long do you go through with your relatives?

22. Do you manage everything well with your relatives?

23. For what reason would you like to travel to another country?

24. In your family who settles on the key choices?

25. Is your suppositions taken conceded some of the time?

26. Who is your #1 neighbour?

27. For what reason do you suspect as much?

28. Do you welcome your neighbours to your family capacities now and then?

29. How feel when they come and what do you do together?

30. Do you think keeping great associations with neighbours is significant? Why/Why not?

31. Do you like shopping? Why/Why not?

32. What is the most popular mall in your city/region?

33. For what reason is it so acclaimed?

34. Disclose to me something about your instructive foundation.

35. Is it accurate to say that you are happy with the manner in which you got instructed?

36. Why/Why not?

37. Is there any better spot on the planet to concentrate as opposed to in your nation?

38. Do you think training is significant? Why?

39. Enlighten me concerning your arrangement/point throughout everyday life?

40. For what reason would you like to be so/to do as such?

41. Did you have some other arrangement from quite a while ago?

42. Do you live in a house or a level?

43. What are the favourable circumstances and drawbacks of living there?

44. How would you act in your recreation/extra time?

45. Is it regular in your nation?

46. What are the other normal exercises individuals do in your nation for taking a break?

47. Do you think accomplishing something in available time is significant?

48. Why/Why not?

49. Do you like to visit better places?

50. What are the most pleasant places of interest in your nation?

51. For what reason would they say they are supported by vacationers? have you been there?

52. Is there any difficulties that individuals face there?

53. For what reason would you say you are showing up at IELTS test?

54. Which nation do you wish to go?

55. Why?

56. What is your #1 food?

57. For what reason do you like it?

58. Do you now and then attempt nourishments from different nations?

59. What is the contrast between Bangladeshi food and nourishments of different nations?

60. Do you like eating out?

61. Where do you go for eating? Why?

62. Inform me regarding the offices you get in that café/food house.

63. Is cheap food useful for wellbeing? Why/Why not?

64. Would you be able to cook? How?

65. Do you like to get and give endowments?

66. Depict one of your paramount endowments.

67. Who gave you that blessing?

68. For what reason is it an important blessing to you?

69. Do you think blessing giving is significant? Why/Why not?

70. What are the normal endowments that individuals share in your nation?

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