How to do IELTS Writing Practice Smartly? ( How to do proper IELTS Writing Practice) ( IELTS Writing Preparation at home)

IELTS Writing test is different for both academic and general students but there is one thing common in both types of tests that is IELTS Writing task 2 that is Essay Writing. In academic writing task 1, there are different types of questions like – bar chart, pie chart, diagram, map, line graph, or combination of any 2. In General writing task 1, you need to write a letter ( It can be a Formal or Informal letter).

Now Let’s talk about how to do proper IELTS writing practice. There are basically 2 ways to do so.

Write as much as possible

Think before you write

Let’s talk about the 1st one in detail. Write as much as possible. Take a topic and start writing. You will get a lot of topics on the internet and if you are an android phone user try this cool application called UtterMost: IELTS Preparation app that contains more than 900 IELTS Essays with answers. I would not recommend this method because to just write is not a solution at all. You need to work on many things to achieve a good band score.

Now let’s talk about the 2nd Method that thinks before you write. It is important to write in order to understand whether you are able to complete your answer within a time frame of 60 minutes or not but there are other factors as well or you can say criteria. You need to improve your answer each and every time you write. So think before you start ( I know you are thinking about what to think?). Well, you need to focus on 4 things every time.

Grammatical structures


Best suitable arguments

Extra value add on

Grammatical structures

I will explain the importance of this in some other article where I will be explaining IELTS Writing criteria but you need to think about different structures that you can use in your answer ( Try to use Complex / Compound-Complex / Conditional structures). Notice – Do not try to use complex structures every time.


Think about uncommon words or a high level of vocabulary ( Max 2 to 3 ) words in the entire cue card answer, not more than that, and max 7 to 10 in the entire test. Do not try to use a high level of vocabulary in each and every sentence.

Best Suitable Arguments

You may or may not be an expert in all topics, so take the help of written answers ( you can take help of ( UtterMost: IELTS Preparation Application) in this application you will get 900 Essay with answers. Use this app to collect ideas and ideas and ideas.

Extra Value add on

Try to use Idioms and proverbs. If you use one perfectly you can expect 0.5 bands more. Just use the correct one at the right place.

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