Ultimate IELTS Speaking Ideas – Gun ownership

Should civilians be allowed to own guns?

If Yes Then

1 People have the right to protect themselves.

2 Criminals or those with vicious intentions will always find a way to acquire weapons Why shouldn’t we have one to defend ourselves? Think twice before attacking potential victims.

4 weapons. Things like cars can be dangerous too, but no one wants to ban them. 

5 Hunting and shooting are legitimate sports People must have guns to practice their skills 

6 Hunting, gun collecting, and gun sports stimulate the economy: 

 * The government can collect millions of dollars of firearms-related sales.

 * Much more money can be made through licenses and fees.

 * The number of people employed by the firearms industry is high.

7. Prevention is better than cure. Would you rather be prepared for a home fire with a fire extinguisher or without one? 

8. Guns provide protection when law enforcement cannot. You could lose your life or a loved one before the police can even get to your location.

If No Then

1. Violent crime rates rise when guns are available // Guns create violent societies with high murder rates.

2. Suicide rates have been reported to increase when guns are available.

3. Studies have shown that accidentally shooting someone is far more likely than shooting an intruder.

4. Research has shown that people carrying a weapon for self-defense are 4.5 times more likely to be shot during an attack or combat than those without a weapon in the same situation.

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