How to Improve IELTS Writing Score ( How to score band 8 or 9 in IELTS Writing)

you ought to acclimate yourself to the evaluation models. The 4 principle measures are task accomplishment, cognizance, and union, jargon reach, and punctuation.

Concerning task accomplishment, the more broadened your answer is, the better. I mean in the event that you simply give a rundown of thoughts without clarification, you won’t get in excess of a 6 in assignment accomplishment.

2. You should utilize connecting gadgets as opposed to connecting words and expressions If you utilize just connecting words and expressions, you will just get a 6.

3. Jargon for a 6 is effective jargon. To get a 7 you should utilize more uncommon words. To get an 8 or 9 you should utilize exceptional words. For instance, 6 – cash, 7 – monetary assets, 8&9 – financial assets. Or on the other hand 6 – become, 7 – transform into, 8&9 – transform into. However, it’s sufficient to utilize 1 or 2 such unprecedented words for every passage. Else, it will be hard to peruse.

4. Concerning syntax, the contrast between individuals who can get a 7 and the individuals who merit an 8 is that the last can utilize decided structures, for example, separated sentences and reversal in a proficient way.

Likewise, mind the structure of an exposition, particularly the presentation. (I’ve remembered the data from my post for Facebook)

The primary reason for the acquaintance is to plainly set out what is the issue here; in this manner, it ought to incorporate 3 principle parts:


You ought to clarify why the issue is not kidding or significant these days. Or then again you should state why some wonder is normal. It is sufficient to get a 6 or 7. For instance, coming up next is a foundation expression worth a 6 or 7. “These days we live in a general public where achievement rises to bliss; thusly numerous individuals attempt to discover the recipe of progress.’ + contention ‘A few people contend that… .’

In the event that your desire is to get an 8 or 9, your experience expression ought to likewise attempt to draw in the analyst’s consideration. At the end of the day, your paper should stick out. This should be possible by utilizing a representation. For instance, ‘These days endeavors to discover an equation for progress are similar to those which were embraced by numerous a man to discover the Philosopher’s Stone in the Middle Ages; as progress is what is considered by most of the individuals a proportion of bliss. Subsequently,’ + contention. Here you underline the significance of the issue by contrasting it with the endeavors to discover the Philosopher’s stone. In any case, remember that it should understand well and be truly clear for a peruser. On the off chance that you are not a characteristic conceived essayist, you hazard delivering something muddled and odd. So be cautious with the main sentence! Accept my recommendation into account, yet don’t exaggerate.


This is a thought that you are approached to remark on or examine. For instance, the theme is ‘A few people accept that zoos, where creatures are kept in man-made climate, should presently don’t exist in the 21st century. Do you concur or dissent?’ The contention here is ‘zoos should at this point don’t exist’. One more model could be ‘With all the difficulties on the planet today, cash spent on space investigation is a finished waste. How much do you concur or dissent?’ The contention here is ‘cash spent on space investigation is a misuse of cash’. What’s more, it is essential to reword the contention. This way to discover equivalents and compose a sentence which will have similar importance however will be composed with the assistance of comparative words.

3) YOUR POSITION + short clarification (for assessment or conversation expositions) or SHORT ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS OF THE ESSAY (for circumstances and logical results articles or a 2 section question)

Your position should be truly clear all through your article. You ought to either concur or deviate (contingent upon what your assessment is), or state that you can’t completely concur and right away clarify why you have either assessment. For instance, ‘I can’t yet concur with this view (=100% concur) as standard relaxation time exercises are what can assist kids with safeguarding their physical as well as mental empowerment (= short clarification which I will reach out in the primary passages). Another model is ‘Actually I feel that amusement of genealogy is the thing that gives individuals self-assurance and certainty, along these lines making this movement totally without malignant impacts. (I answer WHY individuals do as such. This is the explanation. Furthermore, I state that it’s 100% GOOD).


1) Your presentation shouldn’t be longer than your body passages.

2) All the 3 sentences should frame an associated text.

3) You can utilize a manner of speaking inquiry to interface the foundation sentence with the contention or the contention and your assessment to give smooth progress starting with one thing then onto the next. For instance, ‘We live in a relentless reality where individuals esteem their time so much that at whatever point they choose to travel, be it for delight or business (foundation), they decide on the fastest and now least expensive method of arriving at their objective which is progressively the plane as a method for transport. (contention) Notwithstanding the necessities of the explorers, is this pattern as helpful as it might appear to be on a superficial level? (manner of speaking inquiry) I for one feel that the advantages far exceed the downsides (assessment).’

Truly trust this will help you!

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