Topic IELTS Vocabulary – Sports & Games

IELTS Topic Vocabulary – Sports & Games

sport noun  british sports in general
game noun  a type of sport
support verb  to like a particular sports team and to encourage them to win, especially by going to see their matches
spectator sport noun  a sport that a lot of people enjoy watching
extreme sport noun  a sport or activity that is exciting and dangerous, for example bungee jumping, white-water rafting, or base jumping
law noun  british a rule in sport
away adjective  an away game or match is one in which a team goes to their opponents’ ground to play. A home game is one in which a team plays in its own ground.
return adjective  a return match, game etc is the second one that is played between two opponents or teams
friendly adjective  a friendly game is not part of a competition but is played for fun or to practise skills
in hand phrase  british if a player or team has a game in hand, they have played one game less than an opponent
awayadverb  if a sports team plays away, they go to their opponents’ ground to play a game. If they play in their own ground, they play at 
caxirol anoun  an object used by football fans which makes a rattling sound when shaken
contact sport noun  a sport such as rugby, boxing, or American football in which the players have strong or violent physical contact with each other
Olympic adjective  relating to the Olympic Games
Paralympic adjective  relating to or taking part in the Paralympic Games
pickup adjective  american a pickup game is played by a group of people who do not always know each other, but suddenly decide they want to play together
preseaso nadjective  relating to the time before the season for a particular sport begins
rattle noun  british a wooden object that you turn to make a loud knocking noise, especially at a football match
sporting adjective  relating to sport, or used in sport
sports noun  relating to sports, or involved in sports
vuvuzela noun  a long plastic horn that makes a very loud noise, blown by fans at football matches in South Africa
zero-sum game noun  a situation in which one person can win only what another person loses
  • What is topic vocabulary?

    In IELTS Speaking you need to speak on different topics, and you need topic related vocabulary to enhance  your answer.

  • How much band will I get in ielts , without using. vocabulary in Ielts examination. Reply fast

    Well vocabulary is important, and one of the key factors in marking. If you don’t use good Vocabulary you will end up scoring 5.5 to 6 band.

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