Can I get IELTS Certificate Without Exam ? || Buying the IELTS certificate ?

Why is the sale of the IELTS certificate an attractive market?

A simple Google search shows the large number of websites that claim to sell IELTS certificates. Websites that advertise openly and without fear, promising to give candidates the IELTS band score they want without taking exams They even claim to be selling certificates that can be officially verified by the IELTS organizers 

1) Candidate demand  

 If there is no fraud demand, no fraudster can take advantage of the situation. Unfortunately, we can recognize that despite the many warnings from the IELTS organizers, some candidates are still misled by the new and deceptive methods of scams and are willing to buy the IELTS certificate, knowing the risks of losing money or being included in the blacklist (we will arrive later)  

2) Fraudulent profit from the sale of fake 

IELTS certificates The profit from the sale of IELTS certificates is well over a few hundred euros If you visit some of these IELTS sales websites, you will find that to buy an IELTS certificate you will have to pay anywhere between 500 and 5000 euros depending on the time you have or the band score you need Hilariously, some scams are kind enough to accept this sum in two installments The first installment should be paid immediately at the beginning of the process, the second after the applicant has issued the certificate and verified its authenticity  

3)  Victims’ reluctance to take legal action  

 The main reason that makes it so easy for scammers to scam candidates without having to worry about being prosecuted is that victims generally do not dare to report the scam or take legal action to report fraud It’s like filing a legal complaint for the poor quality of an illegal drug. Is not that funny?   It is important to know that trying to get an IELTS certificate is an illegal act So if victims want to trace their lost money through the judicial authorities, they will also face a penalty for committing the crime of buying an illegal certificate, although it is much less serious than the crime committed by scammers. But that is not the end of the story When candidates realize they have been scammed and are not going to receive any certificates, they attempt to threaten the scammers into taking legal action, as a last resort measure to get their money back. [‘This is, ‘This is when scammers play their ace’] Frauds threaten candidates who, in case of charges, will hand over the documents related to the purchase of the IELTS certificate to the immigration organizations or the applicant’s university.  This allows candidates to be permanently blacklisted by immigration organizations or the university And who in their right mind is willing to take the risk of being blacklisted 

How scammers persuade candidates to purchase the IELTS certificates ?

 First of all, scammers ask victims to deposit the agreed price or at least half of it into their credit card or bank account The trick of showing a credit card or bank account is used to convince the candidates that everything is legitimate Some candidates would think that sellers would not provide a bank account number that judicial authorities could easily trace if they were frauds. 

But why fraudsters are willing to reveal their bank account details so easily It’s simple, the scammers don’t usually own these accounts and in most cases they are bought by scammers from third parties at a very low cost so that they don’t bring anyone back to them 

In some cases, scammers ask candidates to provide the following documents to start the purchase process, to show that everything is done by the principles: 

1) A copy of the passport

2) A photo with a white background

3) A fingerprint scan

 Sometimes Scammers Take advantage of Google’s advertising policies and justify that Google would not have allowed them to advertise if they were illegal In reality, however, anyone, including you, can advertise with a virtual credit card on Google freely and without permission If they are reported to Google, the verification process is time consuming and gives the scammers plenty of time before Google suspends their account 

  • Can I take IELTS certificate without exam?

    No. It is not possible at all and, this answer will not change at all. keep this answer in your mind

  • Where can I buy an IELTS Certificate without an exam?

    There is just one place where you can buy IELTS Certificate without exam and, that’s  in your dream.

  • Can I get IELTS certificate online?

    Yes of-course. But not the original.  I can do that for you with help of photoshop. 🙂

  • Is it possible to obtain an IELTS/TOEFL certificate without writing the test?

    NO. My Answer is Big No.

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