IELTS Essay Introduction General Statement

IELTS Essay General Statements

Music: Music is the language of the soul. Music indeed has no language barrier. Music plays a role in our daily life. 

Movies: Movies are the most popular means of entertainment and a great way to relax in modern times. 

Education: Education is a fundamental right of children’s rights. It leads to personal development. 

Sport: sport is very important not only for personal development but also for intelligence …

Tourism: tourism plays an important role in generating income for all societies. 

Technology: Technology dominates human life today. It is the center of our daily life.

Population: Rapid growth is the biggest threat facing the world today. 

Language: language is a means of communication. Therefore, it is very important to use the language effectively and professionally. 

Architecture: architecture is about culture. This no doubt reflects the skills, experience, design, creativity, environment, needs, and requirements of the audience. 

Culture: Culture is the complex language, culture, customs, traditions, and even eating habits. There are also disciplines such as music and literature. 

Vacation: Vacation means spending time with family and friends away from everyday life. 

Pollution: High levels of pollution are one of the most serious problems facing the world today.

  • How do you write an introduction for ielts essay?

    IELTS Essay Introduction contains 3 parts.

    1. General Statement
    2. Writer’s Position
    3. Thesis Statement

    In above article I have shared some common General Statements.

  • Can I start an essay with nowadays?

    Yes you can. There is nothing wrong in it. Make sure you have supportive  sentences.

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