IELTS Essay Vocabulary ( IELTS Writing task -2 Vocabulary)

Adverbs for the First IELTS Academic Essay

You will likewise have to utilize modifiers in this first exposition for Academic IELTS. In this article, intensifiers help express a connection of spot, time, situation, way, cause, and degree, and can incredibly add some tone and interest to your composition just as hotshot your scope of jargon. Some extraordinary ones to use in the IELTS composing include:


– approximately

– dramatically
– exactly
– specifically
– roughly
– abruptly
– dramatically

– gradually
– markedly
– significantly

– slightly
– slowly
– steadily

Vocabulary for IELTS Writing Task 2
For the second IELTS Writing Task, the important vocabulary is all about transitions. The most common purpose of Writing Task 2 transitions is to:

– Give opinions
– Add new information
– Compare and contrast ideas
– Make conditional statements
– Give examples
– Describe results

Here is a list of some useful vocabulary words for each of these six transition types:

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