IELTS Reading Sentence Completion Tips ( Sentence Completion Tips IELTS Reading) How to solve IELTS Reading sentence completion?

What to do in IELTS Reading Sentence Completion?

For sentence Completion questions, you need to discover a word or expression in the section that effectively finishes a sentence. You will be told the number of words you can utilize. You may need to keep in touch with one, a few words as well as a number. You will be punished on the off chance that you utilize more than the expressed number of words and additional numbers. You won’t have to utilize compressions, (for example, won’t). Hyphenated words consider a single word. The inquiries will be in a similar request as the data in the content.

This inquiry type tests your ability to find explicit data in the content.

IELT Reading Sentence Completion Tips

— On the off chance that you haven’t just done as such, skim the entire content first to get a diagram of where data is found and how the content is coordinated.

— Read the directions cautiously to ensure you understand what you are searching for.

— Read the sentence stem and underline catchphrases. Distinguish what type of words you are

searching for: for instance, a thing gathering or a modifier and a thing.

— Sweep the content to find where the appropriate response is, utilizing hints from the sentence stem.

— Recollect you will be searching for definite words and additionally numbers that will finish the sentence, both for importance and language.

— Work through every one of the sentences thusly.

— Ensure you are exactly when you move your responses to the appropriate response sheet, and check your spelling.


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