IELTS Cue-cards with answers ( IELTS Speaking part 2 Questions with answers)

Cuecard – 1
1. Describe a vacation you had in a faraway place.

You should say:

when and where you went who you went with

what you did there;

and explain why you think it was enjoyable.


Today I’m going to share with you a short vacation to the countryside far from the city where I’m living which left me a profound impression. It was atrip to the hometown of one of my classmates at university.

At the end of the second semester, our group at the university was invited to pay a 5-day visit to the house of one of the group members, who lives in a quite remote area in the countryside, a 6-hour drive from the city center. We had 5 people in total and bought coach tickets to reach our destination. On arriving at my friend’s hometown which is quite secluded from the hustle and bustle of the city life, we were greatly impressed by the picturesque landscapes there. The atmosphere was refreshing and the air is unpolluted unlike in the city where many of us were living in. My friend acted as a tour guide as he was well accustomed to the local lifestyles and tourist attractions there. We took the motorbikes to tour the city and stopped at some street vendors to taste the local cuisine, which I personally found tasty and delicate. After doing the sights, we gathered in the evening for some small games and gossip about our study and our future career paths.

All in all, such a short vacation still fills me with great delight each time I recall it. Hope that we could make another vacation soon. This time we think we’re going abroad together.

Cuecard – 2
2. Describe your favorite TV Series

You should say:

– what the TV series are– who act these series

–what is the plot

– and explain how you feel about it 

To be honest, I’m kinda a couch potato, so I watch a multitude of TVseries. Off the top of my head, I’d say the most captivating TV series I have watched is “Friends” – an all-time favorite sitcom.

Friends is an American television sitcom originally aired on NBC from 1994 to 2004, lasting ten seasons. This sitcom has a strong cast, involving both experienced actors and novices in the field of entertainment. By and large, it won’t fail to live up to viewers’ expectation from the first episode.

The series are centered on six friends Ross, Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe, who are connected with each other by being roommates, neighbors and old high school friends and they all find themselves living in the same apartment block. They all have their own story and battle with

tough jobs, complicated relationships and life in the big city. The TV series center round daily happenings when they live under the same roof. The characters are portrayed with different virtues and qualities, giving the audience a nice picture of the stuff taking place every day in their routinelife. As the title suggests, each episode is packed with hilarious jokes and conversational​exchanges​between​friends,which​definitely gives​you hysterical laughter and is somethingreally effective to let off steam after a backbreaking day at school or work.

What strikes me most about this series is the strong bond between friends. Despite many ups and downsin life, they won’t hesitate to go the extra mile toget over difficulties no matter what are thrown at them and forgive each other for their silly mistakes. It is a TV series worth watching, particularly for those who are fans of comedy and reality TV. Despite its age, it is still as fantastic as ever and very addictive and I bet it will be watched for many years.

Cuecard -3
3. Describe a piece of technology you like using (not computer)

You should say:

What is it

How did you learn about it How often do you use it And explain why you like it.


There are a whole lot oftechnological devices that I love using, but if I were to take a pick, I would say that the Google Play Store on my smartphone, and especially the Cambridge dictionary app would be the most marvelous and useful.

It is a quite widely-acclaimed application among learners of English as a second language and is installed by millions of users across the globe. It is not exaggerating but I deem it as a must-have one for anyone struggling with the English language.

Users can benefit from a wide array of functions offered by Cambridge dictionary. The first thing about it is that you can obtain the meaning at notime. With a few operations, a word’s meaning and its related phrases pop upon the screen, and there are also illustrations of usages, which I particularly find unique compared to all other e-dictionaries I have made use of.

As a student, I am supposed to use it on a frequent basis, especially during my English lessons at school. It is wonderfully convenient and portable as it would be cumbersome if I have to carry a dictionary book with me everytime I go to school. So, it saves me my energy really. Besides, thanks to the appI have developed more passion and enthusiasm in English. I often takeadvantage

Cuecard – 4
4. Describe a skill which is important but not learned in school or at work.

You should say:

What is the skill How to learn it

Is it hard to learn it

And explain why it is important


Realizing the importance of getting the kids prepared for their future life, many parents usually teach them many skills during their childhood. Off the top of my head, I was fortunate to be educated to be independent at an early age.

Of course, like others, my parents are constantly on the go so it means itwould be better if I could know how to take a proper care of myself I was told to handle everything in the house such as doing the laundry, sweepingthe floor

or do the cooking when my parents are away. At first, my parents acted as arole modeland would show me how to carry out a task step by step so I had no difficulty in mastering it really.

Speaking of its importance, during the time I studied at university, away from parental care and protection, I was able to do almost anything in the apartment. If I remember rightly, it was always spotlessly clean and I never had to eat out much, so it not only saved me lots of money but also time for other activities because I could finish the tasks extremely effectively.

Off the top of my head: immediately and without thinking very much

Cuecard – 5
5. Describe a city or country you want to live/work in thefuture

You should say:

What is it

Where is it located Why you like it


Well, it is such an interesting topic! Off the top of my head, if I were given a chance to go to a country to settle down, I would not hesitate to pick Japan because I’m a real sucker for the country itself and the Japanese’s style of working in particular.

To start off, what would interest me most during my stay in Japan would bethe breathtaking scenery there, as I have watched countless programmeson TV featuring the magnificent landscapes from South to North. If I were to pick what city, it would be Ottawa, since good words about it are goingaround a lot.


I wouldn’t forget to mention the fact that the Japanese are hard-workingpeople and have a strong sense of responsibility and discipline, andbecause of this, I reckon a period living and working in a native environment would cultivate that characteristic in me.

The final point is that I love the Japanese language, and actually I have been making an all-out effort to master the language, so that I can stand a better chance of settling down there. I hold high hopes that with my determination and stamina, someday my dream will come true.

Settle down: to begin to live a quieter life by staying permanently in a place Be a real sucker for: to like a particular type of person or thing very much, so that you will do almost anything to please them or to have them

in particular: especially

Cuecard – 6
6. Describe the ideal home, flat or house that you would like to live in

You should say:

– where it would be– what type of house it would be– how you would decorate it– who you would like to live with– explain why you would like to live in this kind of home. 

If I were a billionaire and had the money, I would love to rent or buy amansion for my own luxurious lifestyle.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always dreamed to dwell in a place whichresembles those in a fairy tale, or like Windsor Castle in England. So having a mansion of my own will enable meto fulfill my wildest childhooddreams.

Anyway, my dream house will have a pretty antique look from outside, but extremely graceful and appealing to the eyes, with a small lake with fish swimming in. The walls of the house should be best painted in my fancy color which is blue, and there will be many plants and flowers around. The house will sparkle in the sunlight with some spacious gardens and the picturesque countryside landscapes.

What strikes me most about the thought of living in a mansion is that I could experience a royal life and  be  served  like  a  king.  Wearing  a  gorgeous  dress, enjoying a plenty of delicious and exotic foods, which are made byskilled chefs, walking in the marvelously beautiful gardens, I could live mylife to the


There are plenty of rooms that my family and friends could entertain in together. Also, collecting conventional arts is my hobbies. So you see, havingan art gallery and marveling at the paintings in such a house would be an out-of- this-world experience.

Cuecard – 7
7. Describe an important occasion when you were late

You should say:

What occasion you were late for When it happened

Why you were late

And explain how you felt when you were late.


Well, the occasion I’d like to talk about was actually one of my first lectures I had at university about four or five months ago, at the beginning of the semester.

Regarding why I was late, well it was mainly due to the fact that I overslept.You know, I didn’t hear my alarm go off, so I somehow just slept through it.And the reason for that was probably because I was up quite late the night before. I mean, it was the beginning of the university year, and so I’d been out with my new roommates. You know, we thought it would be good to go out for a few drinks and get to know each other a bit!

So I ended up going to bed at about two or three in the morning, that’s why I overslept a little. And to make matters worse, I remember waking up with a splitting headache and feeling pretty hung-over, which is not the best way to start a new course at university I know, but anyway, that’s the way it was.

And when I finally got to the lecture theatre, it was really embarrassing,because the door was right at the front of the room, so everyone saw mewalking in late, including the lecturer, who actually stopped talking and turnedround to look at me. So it was a horrible feeling, and the first thing I did wasapologize to him

or being late and disturbing everyone, and then I went to find a seat at theback as soon as possible!

Thankfully though, the guy who was sitting next to me was nice enough to tell me everything that I’d missed, which I was extremely grateful for. But theonly unfortunate consequence was that I hadn’t really left a very good first impression on my lecturer, as you can imagine! So I decided to make a big effort, from then on, to always be on time for his lectures, which I’m happyto say I have been up to now!

Cuecard – 8
8. Describe a place you know where people go to listen to music such as theatre or a music hall.

You should say:

– where it is– what kind of music is performed there– what type of people go there– why people go there– how you know this place– and explain your impressions of this place 

I’m by nature a person who is quite keen on music, particularly acousticguitar. Off the top of my head the spot I often pay a visit to when I’m stressed out by exams and assignments is an acoustic guitar cafe in thevicinity of my house. The coffee is quite cozy and spacious, and it canaccommodate hundreds of people who share the same taste for acousticmusic.

It is a hot spot for teenage boys and girls who want to sing their favorite songs, and the cafe gives them opportunities to sing, accompanied by youngguitarists. So I would say it serves acoustic guitar with most of the ballad songsthat are

tall the rage amongst teenagers.

Most people go there to let their hair down after backbreaking working days, and they really need a time on their own to appreciate the music and immerse themselves in the melodious songs performed by the dynamic young singers.

It has been a while since I first came here. As the cafe is near my house and I was attracted to this place when I accidentally overheard a favorite ballad song of mine brilliantly sung with a sweet voice of a certain singer. Ever since, Ihave made a habit of frequenting this cafe, simply for recreational purposes at weekends when I’m quite free from work.

by nature: essentially or innately

Cuecard – 9

9. Describe a holiday/trip you want to go on in the future


Frankly speaking, I’m not an extrovert, so I haven’t been on many trips up to now. However, I would crave for having a pleasant experience on a package tour/ motorbike trip to [place] – only within a 50- kilometer drive from my house. I intend to travel on my own to do the sightseeing, which may save me from the hassle and nuisance from my friends, who usually complain all the time while being on a long holiday. If everything goes according to my plan, the tour should be reasonably priced, at 40 USD for at least 2 days 1 night and it should promise luxurious accommodation and scrumptious food. So you see, I tend to go for cheap holiday without second thoughts as it is exactly what I want to expect. The first part of the journey will probably be good enough for me because it will take me not too much time toreach the destination. Besides, l am looking forward to chances to engage in any gossip with other passengers so that the trip will go by with a lot of fun.

I imagine that the moment I check in at the hotel near the beach, I will bereally glad that the quality of the room will definitely be up to standard. If I recall correctly, I made it quite clear to the travel agency that the bed mustbe cozy and comfortable and the air-conditioner has to work well. Regarding the swimming and the seafood, the weather on that day will be so sunny for sunbathing, which will make me feel like jumping my feet into the seawater. To add to the fun, because I am going to travel during off season, the seafood won’t be too pricey and the servings will be therefore large for a person like me.

Cuecard – 10
10. Describe a thing you like to do with an elderly person (in your family)

You should say:

What it is

how often you do it

and explain why you like it


Well, the first person that came to mind when looking at this topic is actually one of my neighbours, who must be approaching her 80s now, and so I’d liketo tell you a little bit about her and why I enjoy talking with her.


As for how I got to know her in the first place, well if I’m not mistaken, I met her when I was walking my two dogs in the garden of the apartment complex where I live, and one of my dogs just ran straight up to her, and literallyjumped up and gave her a hug. I remember at the time, I was slightly worried because I wasn’t sure if she liked dogs or not, but thankfully, it turned out that she was a big animal lover, so she had no problem with my dogs, and she now even looks forward to seeing them every time she comes out for a walk.


Anyway, with regard to what we talk about when we see each other, well, it’s kind of hard to say, because there’s not really anything in particular that we always talk about, you know, it could be the weather, my studies, something in

the news, but generally what normally happens is that she asks me how things are going, and after listening to me she will then offer some of her thoughtsand advice, which I really appreciate, because she’s obviously experienced a lotmore than I have in life.


And just to give you a little example of some of the stuff we talk about, when I bumped into her a few days ago, I mentioned to her a problem I was havingwith an essay I had to write, because it was a two and a half thousand-word essay about something extremely dull, and, for the life of me, I couldn’t think of anything to write. But she just said to me, “forget about how much you need to write, just imagine you can write it as long or as short as you want.” And it was amazing, because when I changed my mindset to how she suggested, itsuddenly became much easier to write the essay, and I even ended up writing over three thousand words.


So this is just one example, and I guess it partly explains why I like talkingwith her a

Cuecard – 11
Describe​a​successful​businessman​you know/admire

You should say:

– who is the person– how you know this person– how she/he became successful– and explain why you consider him/her as a successful business person.

The person I’m going to talk about one of my friends, Nicholas. Let me tell you more about him in detail. He is working for a multinational  corporation  which has an enviable reputation for banking and finance. We have been friends since we were knee high to a grasshopper. Honestly speaking, we happened to be in the same class in primary, secondary and high schools, and after that we enrolled for the same university and it turned out that westudied

the  same  major  and  the   same   class   again.   We have  a  lot  of  things in common since we have been sticking with each other for such a longtime, you see. He is a brainy guy who has accomplished a great deal of his academic study, so it’s not surprising that he turns out to be a successful man. His job involves offering consultation regarding financial matters to other companies, so I assume his words carry a lot of weight. I heard it through the grapevine that he has arranged to have his new house builtnext year. He must have made a fortune by now. Actually, he has been so up to ears in work and I haven’t met him for a long time so maybe at his forthcoming housewarming party I can have the chance to talk to him.

Cuecard – 12
12. Describe an important letter you’ve received

You should say:

– Who wrote this letter.– When did he/she write it.– What this letter was about.– And explain what this letter means to you.


The letter I am going to talk about is the letter of invitation posted by London School of Economics, one of the top five universities in the UK. Several yearago when I was still in the last year of my senior high school, I searched highand low for a number of universities abroad. Then I made up my mind to send out a couple of applications to half a dozen of prestigious universities,hoping to be able to make it to one of them. A few weeks went by, and I got extremely anxious and upset as a handful of the universities I had applied for started to

end me rejection letter. When I decided to give up my faint hope ofbeing admitted to one of those universities, miracle happened. I finally got an successful admission letter from London School of Economics written bythe Dean of Faculty of Economics. He first appreciated me for the interest Ishowed to the university in the very first lines of the letter and then in the second paragraph of the letter, he congratulated me on my distinguished record of academic excellence and personal achievement stood out. Then, he wrote that he was happy to offer me admission to one of the top universities in the world. I was over the moon right after reading the letter and called my parents and close friends to share one of the happiest momentsin my entire life with them.

The acceptance letter has marked a milestone in my future career. It gives me golden opportunities to pone my skills and prepare everything necessary for my future.

searched high and low: to search very thoroughly

Cuecard – 13
13. Describe a park or garden you visit and like/ Describe a leisure facility you liked/would want to have in your city / Describe a public park you went to in the past

You should say Where it is; What it look like;

What you do there;

And explain why you like it there.


As a citizen in a metropolitan city, Iam usually partial to fresh outing spaces for relaxation after being up to my neck in work. The list of ideal places to visit is in fact pretty long but if I have to single out the mostpreferable one, I would probably pick the Botanical Park on the outskirt of my city. I really need to add that whenever I am under pressure of the fast – paced living, I will pay a visit to this amazing park, stroll around a bit to decompress. The fresh and peaceful atmosphere at this park totally enables me to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. After going for a stroll in the park and get a full lung of fresh air, I feel like I’ve been fully recharged and ready for any challenges ahead. The factors accounting for my special love to this park are not only the fresh ambiance but also the meaning of this botanical gardendedicated to the collection, cultivationand display of a multitude of plants, especially endangered plantspecies. For years, this park has always given me lots of precious opportunities to enjoy the stunning fauna and flora with a plenty of gorgeous flowers and trees. There is no doubt to confirm that this garden hasmade great contributions to preserving local plant diversity as well as diversifying people’s recreational activities. Almost every individual comes to this park show their great appreciation for the local authority’s attempt in conserving nature lives.

Cuecard – 14
14. Describe a happy event from your childhood that you remember well.

You should say:

– What the event was– When and where it happened– What you saw or did– And explain why you remember this event so well 

Ok right then, after a bit of thought, the family event that I’d like to talk to you about was the wedding of one of my aunts. And I guess the reason I remember it so well is because it was the first wedding I’d ever been to, so itleft quite a lasting impression on me. And I was knee high to a grasshopper, you know, only about 5 or 6, so I guess I must have been one of the youngest people there.

The wedding took place in some restaurant in our hometown. I can’t tellyou the exact name of the place cos I honestly can’t remember, but what I can tell you is that it was a pretty big place, because there must have been at least a couple of hundred people there.

And as for what happened, well it was basically just a typical wedding party, you know, with loads of food and drink, although unfortunately I was too young to be able to enjoy all the wine and champagne on offer! But at least I got to enjoy all the food, which there were absolutely masses of! And another thing I remember quite clearly was playing around with the microphone, and saying a few words into it. You know, I’d never seen a microphone before, so it felt pretty cool when speaking into it and hearing my voice come out through the speakers.

Cuecard – 15
15. Describe a product you bought and felt happy

You should say:

– What it was–Where you bought it– What it has for/ How it was used– and explain why it made you happy

Ok. well the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this topic wasolive oil, because I bought a bottle of it not that long ago, and if I’m  not mistaken,  it was from either Italy or Spain, so that’s what I’ve decided to talkabout.

And as for where I got it, well, it was actually just from my local supermarket selling quite a few imported products, which I’m really happy about, as Ialways enjoy trying new things, especially stuff from other countries.

With regard to what I used the olive oil for, well. I’d say I used it for most ofmy cooking, because it went well with almost everything, especially bread and pasta, as you probably know.

But anyway, as for what made me decide to buy it, well firstly, it is really good for my health. So it’s basically a lot healthier than most other kinds of cooking oil. And another thing to mention would be that I remember tasting some olive oil at a Western restaurant I went to a couple of weeks ago and I liked it somuch that I made a mental note to get some when I went to the supermarket. I guess these would be the main reasons, and even though it’s quite a bit more expensive than ordinary cooking oil, I reckon it’s definitely worth it.

Cuecard – 16
16. Describe a leisure activity near or on the sea


You should say:

– What it is– Who do you play with– Why you have to prepare– And explain how you feel about it 

Ok, well I’d say the activity I probably like most when I’m on the beach isbeach volleyball.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of chances to play it because I live quite far from the coast. So I only get the chance to play it when I’m on holiday, which is probably only about once or twice a year. It would be nice to do it more often, but with my hectic life, it’s just not possible.

With regard to who I play it with, well, what normally happens is that I start playing with a few of my friends who are with me on holiday, and then other people at the beach see us and ask if they can join.

The reason I enjoy it so much is that it’s just so fun, especially jumping around in the sand, what makes it fun is that it’s something that I normally don’t get the chance to do. The other cool thing about it is that you can dive for the ball and land softly in the sand, whereas you tried doing that on a hard surface like concrete, it would be extremely painful, as you can imagine!

It’s also really good exercise, and I am always overwhelmed with joy after playing it. It’s also a good way to make friends, because as I mentioned justnow, I often end up playing with other people on the beach and afterwards wemight hang out for a bit.

Cuecard – 17
17. Describe a positive change in your life

You should say:

– What the change was– When it happened– How it happened– How it happened– and explain why it was a positive change Many things have changed since the last time I woke up justin timefor lunch. That was when I realized I had been wasting hundreds of mornings in the last few years without accomplishing anything. It was a wakeup call which completely changed me. Now, I’m an early riser and have been for more than 2 years.

They say old habits die hard, which made perfect sense to me when Ifirst started to get rid of my unhealthy routine. There were so manytemptations during night time that kept me awake for hours. And it could be anything such as the latest episode of The Walking Dead, a music video that I had been counting down for weeks to be released or a deadline I needed to meet because I had been procrastinating for a month and so on. As a result, going to bed after 1 or 2 AM was inevitable to me. It took me long enough to fully aware of how destructive this sleeping habit could be forme, both physically and mentally, especially in a long run. Therefore, I had no choice but to give up that kind of toxic.

I have learnt a lot since starting waking up early in the morning. The key is starting small and taking one step at a time. It was so tiresome andtorturing at the beginning that I tended to get irritated whenever anyone approached me about 10 minutes into my running session. However,everything has its own way of getting better and so is my temper. I now feelfully energized and extremely refreshing in the morning and even more productive at work.

Cuecard – 18
18. Describe a time when you moved to a new house or  a new school.

You should say:

– When it happened– What kind of home did you moved into– Why you moved:– And explain how von felt about the moving.


I’m a type of person who detests instability and quite reluctant to change my accommodation when I have got used to it. Yet, there was a time when I had no choice but move to a new place, which is during my second yearat university.

My previous lodging place/house is quite far from the school so I made up my mind to move to somewhere within a stone’s throw from theschool for ease of travelling. Also as a student, I used to have a hard time covering the daily expenses so moving would be a nice way to cut down my travel costs. As well as this, I was fed up with the living condition inmy former place of living as the air was polluted with obnoxious smells a small factory nearby and the incessant noises every night of some neighbours who frequently threw a party and sang karaoke loudly at night. Actually, I didn’t sleep a wink for weeks, and felt under e weather for the whole semester.

The place I’m currently living is way better. It’s a small and cosy house, well-furnished with tables and chairs. On top of this, the atmosphere is so fresh, tranquil and serene so that I can focus 100% on my study without feeling being disturbed by troublemakers. Although the rent is a bithigher, it is definitely worth the extra cost. Now I’m feeling over the moon in my flat.

Cuecard – 19
19. Describe a piece of furniture in your home

You should say

– what it is– where it is– what it looks like what it is made of– and explain how 0r  why you use it

Ok, well the piece of furniture I’ve decided to talk about is my shaped sofa,which I know is not the most interesting thing in the world to talk about, but neither is the rest of my furniture at home, and so seeing as I use it a lot, I thought it would be a suitable thing to describe for this topic.

Regarding what the sofa looks like, well firstly, it’s an L-shaped one, which I might add, is by far my favourite kind of sofa as this style is definitely the most practical. So, for example, it’s nice and big, and I’d say it probably seats around 8 or 9 people. So it’s great for when we have friends over, because it means we can all sit together.

And as for the colour, well, I suppose the best way to describe it would be akind of brownish, chestnut colour, and the reason I chose this particular colour was partly because it goes well with all the other furniture in theliving room, and also because chestnut is quite a warm and natural colour. Soit kind of

helps give the room a nice, cozy feel, I think.

Anyway, finally with regard to why I use my sofa, well, I would say the main thing to mention here is the fact that it’s really nice and soft, and I mean, seriously comfortable. So whenever I feel like relaxing and putting my feet up, which is pretty much every evening. I’ll head straight to the sofa.

Cuecard – 20
20. Describe a rule you agree or disagree with

You should say

– what it was– how others thought about this rule– have you ever violated this rule– and explain why you did not like this rule. 

I’m a quite obedient student and make my best effort to conform to therules and regulations of the school. However, a recently introduced rule just left me the creeps. It’s required that all students in my class need to focus on studies and say goodbye with dating. The rule was introduced by my form teacher as part of her effort to raise the class’s study productivity by maximizing the 

Cuecard – 21
21. Describe an important plant in your country.

You should say:

– What the plant is– How you know it– Why it is important– And explain how much you like the plant



Ok then, well after a bit of thought, I have decided to talk to you aboutbamboo. However, I honestly don’t know if I’m gonna be able to talk for two minutes about it, but I’ll give it a try!

So first of all, as for how I know about bamboo, well I can’t really remember exactly how I first got to know about it, you know, it could have been in abiology class at school, or when I was out somewhere with my parents, but my guess would be that I probably first knew about it at primary school, becausethat was about the time when we first started learning about things like that. Anyway, moving on to why bamboo is important, well I’d say it’s pretty important for a number of reasons, the main one of which would be that it canbe used to make so many different things, you know, such as chopsticks, chopping boards, flooring, what else, and musical instruments, like thebamboo flute for example. So it’s extremely useful, and what’s good about it isthat it grows incredibly fast, you know, not like most other trees, and although a lot of it’s cut down to make stuff, there will still always be an abundant supply of it here.

But anyway, finally then, as for how much I like bamboo, well I’d say it’sactually probably one of my favourite plants! Because I mean, it kind of just gives me a nice, pleasant feeling whenever I see it. And it’s also a plantwhich is often associated with our culture, because we grow so much of it here, so it’s something that k

Cuecard – 22
22. Describe a website you like to visit.


You should say:

– What type of website it is– How you found out about it– What it allows you to do– and explain why you like it 

Today, I am going to tell you about one website which I’m really interested in. It’s name is

It is an e-commerce website used for online shopping purposes. Thiswebsite advertises various items classified by categories such as fashion, electronics, and motors. It allows people to order products, and maketransactions online. I always give priority to shopping online whenever I have spare time instead of going to stores or supermarkets. So, this website is very handy for me as I can take advantage of my mobile phone or computer with an Internet connection to access it and purchase what I need.

I find this website very appealing due to its good layout and attractiveimages of products. There is a box for me to enter what items I’m looking for so I can avoid browsing items unnecessarily, as I’m able to find quickly the things I need. After that the items I have bought will be delivered right to my door so I can save a lot of time. Not only that, there is always the chance to get a good deal and discounts as there are various promotion programs.

This website has important advantages for me, such as convenience and the benefits of saving time and money. Now it plays a useful role in my daily life.In the future I will continue to visit the site and of course recommend it to my friends.

Cuecard – 23
23. Describe a city that you have visited.

You should say:

– where the city is (and its name)– when you went there– what you liked / disliked about the city– and explain why you visited this city.  

Ok right then, well after thinking for a little bit just now, um, the city that I’d like to talk to you about, which left a really strong impression on me,was

X. I’m not sure if you have been there, but it’s somewhere in Y, I think in the kind of north-eastern, no sorry, the north-western part of the province.


I went there about 10 years ago or something, so it was quite a while ago.And what I liked about it was the fact that first of all it just seemed like, um, Idunno, it’s really hard to describe! But it was just, kind of like, not so crowded,and you know, the locals were super-friendly, the food was great there, itjust seemed like such a nice, relaxing city. I mean, everyone in the streets looked cheerful, for example, and you know it wasn’t like one of these huge cities with, like, a fast-paced life and everyone frantically getting to where they need to go. It wasn’t like that at all. Everyone was just chilled out, thewhole city had a really kind of laid-back atmosphere to it.


Um, and the other amazing thing about it that I shouldn’t forget to mentionwas the scenery. You know, it was just spectacular and before I went there, Inever imagined it would be such a beautiful place. I mean, it’s not one of those places which everyone talks about, so going on all the walks around thenearby

Cuecard – 24
24. Describe a piece of good news that you received fromsomeone

You should say:

–what this news was

– when and where you heard it

–how you heard it and explain

– why you think it was good news 

Today I’m going to share with you an article of news in the place I am living which was particularly thrilling to me. It was an announcement that X, the top celebrity in my country, was going to show up in my neighborhood.

It was when I stepped out of my house that I heard the piece of news froma next-door neighbor. He said that X was going tofilm a comedy shownear my house. This filled me with great delight during the day. I was really looking forward to meeting him in person, enjoying his humorous comments and unique acting. I heard that there would be a couple of other famous guys accompanying him on stage and that he would have afan signing session after the performances. This news is pretty of interest to me since comedy is what helps me let my hair down after a hard-working dayand having a chance to meet my idol is an out-of-this-worldexperience.

Two days went by and he appeared in front of my naked eyes. I recallthat I did have a blast on the day. After I went home I couldn’t help bursting into profuse laughter several times.

Cuecard – 25
25. Describe a book that you would like to read again.

You should say:

– What the book is– Why you read it– Why you want to read it again Although I don’t read a lot of books, I still have my favorite one. For this question, I would like to choose my English 12 textbook as the book I want to read again. I guess you’ll be surprised at my choice owing to its content and cover.This English book is the course book of grade 12. There are a variety of topics related to our daily lives with the combinationof 4 skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing. I used to use it to study English when I was in grade 12. Interestingly, at the time, I just focused on grammar because it’s the main part of the final tests, so I don’t really pay attention to other parts, which is such a pity. Now when I have a look at it again, I realize that thereading text is quite cool and academic with a number of useful words and structures.​Reading it again gives me a chance to fulfill my English knowledge more, especially reading skill and vocabulary. I guess I wouldspend more time re-reading and taking notes of important points in this book, which is very exciting.
Cuecard – 26
26. Describe a helpful person in work or study

You should say:

– Who it was– What this person did– How this person helped– And explain how you felt after this person helped you:



I’m often poor at sorting out tricky problems and often ask a favor of others when it comes to a dilemma I can’t solve. Off the top of my head, one of the times, Adam – a close buddy of mine – is a very helpful person at school, and he recently helped me out with my mathematic problem that I had long been struggling against for days.

It was part of the assignment from my teacher who has a tendency to challenge​her​studentsin​every​aspect.​She​usually​gives tricky homework and expects her students to finish them off when coming to class. I’m not expert at Maths and often rely on others for help. TheMaths question is about an equation, a lengthy one that could bewilderanyone at their first glance.

I was so desperate for the answer to the question that I burnt the midnight oil for two straight nights, but fortunately the answer was

till out of my reach. Not knowing what to do, I gave Adam a ring and

asked him out for a coffee to muse over the question, and he agreed. Eventually, we had an encounter at a local coffee shop and I showed him the question. Without much thought, he kicked off offering detailed explanations which reminded me of the fact that I had forgotten a very important clue to solve the mystery. I was quickly on the ball, andthanks to his straightforward explanation, it took me just minutes to work out the correct answer to that seemingly tough maths question.

I have to say that Adam is a geniusand he grasps what it takes to enlighten others, especially with his easy but effective approach to any problems, not just in his studies but also real life.


Cuecard – 27
27. Describe a crowded place you visited

You should say:

– Where it is:– When do you usually go there:– What you do there:– And explain why it is crowded 

I detest public places as they’re always packed with people and I feel like a fish out of water in such circumstances. Off the top of my head, the last crowed place I went to was the time I had a medical check-up at a general hospital near my house. It is a big hospital of international standard, divided into public and private service. The public service is for those of meager incomes and involves long hours of queuing. Because I was in a hurry, I opted for the speedy private service. However, the choice fell short of my expectations and it turned out that there were hordes of patients waiting for medical check-up and there were even no seats left, and I had to stand thewhole time. What a frustrating experience, you know! My legs felt like jelly after one hour standing on the floor. It was so crowded that the staff had a hard time dealing with the paperwork and there were some mistakes with the order of the patients as well.

Luckily, it was finally my turn, I was so relieved to get away from the crowd in the waiting room, and then received quite a professional care from the doctors. However, when going to the basement to get my motorbike, I was so shocked at the line of people queuing at the exit, and again it took me another 30 minutes simply to inch a few meters.

Cuecard – 28
28.Describe​an​occasion​where​everybody smiled/laughed.

You should say:

– What happened:

-When it happened:

– Who were there:

– And explain why everyone smiled/laughed.


Our family love children a lot. We usually find their innocence and cuteness overwhelming. A few days ago, as I was surfing the Internet, I came across this hilarious video of a little girl, which is definitely the funniest baby videothat I’ve ever watched. Therefore, I showed the whole family the video and we did have a whale of a time together. In the video, there was a five-year-old girl holding a microphone and singing along one hit of Justin Bieber named“baby”. The way she sang and danced around the room made meburst out laughing as her choreography was incredibly adorable. I remember that she was crawling, hip-hoping and waving her hands enthusiastically, trying to convey her feelings and emotions through the song she was singing. Besides, what made it so funny about her was the fact that she danced exactly the same way an adult would, with the deep feelings and perfect timing and rhythms and everything! You know, it was completely out of the blue. At the end of the video, she humbly said “thank you” to the viewers for watching her performance.

We broke into hysterical laughter for some times. My mother was chuckling, my sister was giggling and my grandparent was grinning, everyone showing a sign of happiness on their face. Since then, we often gatheredtogether for some funny clips that I found on Youtube.

Cuecard – 29
29.Describe​something​you​do​to​keep​healthy/ Describe something healthy you enjoy doing

You should say:

– What you do– Where you do it– Who you do it with– and explain why you think doing this is healthy. 

I’m by nature a dynamic person, and love to engage in various strenuous activities. One of my favorite physical exercises that I havetaken up recently is going for a jog every morning and doing other sporty stuff at the local park.


I’m an early bird so I often set the alarm clock for 6 o’clock in themorning, and as soon as I wake up, I put on my sneakers and sweat suits and head out to the park. Usually, I will try to maintain a normal speed as it reallyhelps build my strength and stamina. Jogging alongside the street to the park often takes me approximately 20 minutes. Once at the park, I have ahabit of joining

other people for some matches of badminton, which is my forte. Badminton helps my body more flexible and agile. Observing the movement patterns of the shuttlecock also hones my concentration capacity. I sweat a lot after each training session and this somewhat burns some fat off my body aswell.


Morning exercises are an effective way to keep yourself in the pink withjust a few minutes for physical activity, I feel more energetic and optimistic, and ready than ever for my work in the morning.

Cuecard – 30
30. Describe something that you are proud of

You should say:

– what you achieved– when you achieved it– what was difficult about achieving it– and explain why you are proud of this achievement. 

Ok, well what I’d like to talk to you about is the time when I got into thesemifinal of [name of a competition]. And this is completely true, by the way – I’m not making it up. Although I have to admit, I was pretty gobsmacked when I first heard about it, because I mean, that’s an incredible achievement, as I’m sure you’d agree, especially considering just how many people enter the competition, which must be in the tens of thousands.

Anyway, it must have been about three years ago, by now, when it happened, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I was accepted by the judges when performing old revolutionary song on the show. You know, it was almost like I had transformed into another person and what was amazing was that at that time I seemed so at ease up on stage. I mean, the fact that millions of people across the country were watching didn’t seem to faze me in the slightest. And I have to say that my performance was simply amazing. You know, the audience absolutely loved it, and they even gave me a standing ovation at the end.

So yeah, as I mentioned earlier, I think it was an unbelievable achievement, not only in terms of how well I did in the competition, but also considering  the tremendous amount of courage it must have taken to do what I did.

Cuecard – 31
31. Describe someone who is a good parent/ Describe a good parent you know

You should say:

– Who the parent is– How you know the parent– What the parent looks like–And explain why you think the parent is good.

Ok right then, off the top of my head, well the parent I’d like to talk about isthe mother of a good friend of mine, and the reason for choosing to talk about her is that my friend is always going on about how lucky he is to have such anice mum. And from what I know about her, I’d say he’s absolutely right.

Anyway, as for how I know her, well it’s basically due to the fact that I went to the same middle school as her son. And because we became pretty goodfriends, we ended up seeing quite a lot of each  other’s  parents,  especially  during the holidays when we often went over to each other’s homes.

And regarding what his mother looks like, well interestingly enough, she actually looks pretty similar to my own mother, because they both have quite round faces and long wavy hair. Having said that, I’ve noticed that my friend’s mother oftenties her hair up in a bunwhereas my mother usually always keeps it down. And another thing to mention would be that whenever I see her, she always seems to be wearing red clothes, which I guess is probably because red suits her quite well.

But anyway, finally then, with regard to why I think she’s a good parent, wellI’d say there are quite a few reasons, one of which would be that she’s always  been very supportive to her son. And just to give you an example, when he wondered what major to study at university, he ended up choosing music. And his mother gave him her full support, which is probably not what many other parents would have done, as music doesn’t really leave open a lotof career choices.

And I think it’s fair to say that nowadays, a lot of parents persuade theirchildren to do things which they think are best for them, but my friend has said that his parents have never been like this with him, especially his mother. So I kind of get the impression that she’s never forced him to do anything against his will, and has always let him make his own decisions, whichI think’s really great.

Cuecard – 32
32.Describe an advertisement you recently saw or heard/ Describe something you bought because  you  saw or heard an advertisement/ Describe an advertisement that made you want to buy the product.

You should say:

– When and where you saw it– What was advertised– What the contents of the advertisements were

–And explain how you felt about it.

I watched an interesting advertisement online a few months ago, and I think it was very unique compared to the advertisements I have seen before. It was an advertisement about coca cola.

It is about a small boy who comes to a vending machine where he wants to buy a cold drink. First, he puts a few coins into the slot and presses the button. The machine spits out a Pepsi. However, he doesn’t take the drinkand walk away. But instead, he puts the Pepsi on the ground, stands on it and reaches out his chubby hand for another button. It is then when the audiences realize that the boy is actually trying to buy Coca-cola.

This advertisement is so memorable to me because it not only ridicules its rival but also takes its audience totally different way without fancy visual effect,big celebrities, or anything ofthe like, but justplain creative imagination. In terms of its effectiveness, I can’t say much about general audiences. But it was quite effective for most of my friends and, of course,


Cuecard – 33
33. Describe a good decision made recently by you or someone you know

You should say:

Who made the decision

– Why made the decision,– What happened later– And explain why it is a good decision. 

People need to make various decisions in their daily life, and off the top of my head, one of the wise  decisions  that  one  of  my  buddies  made  is  to abandon university education and pursue vocational training instead.

He had been talking over this matter with his folks and asked for consultations from many friends before reaching his final decision. I’d put it down to the fact that nowadays thousands of fresh graduates from prestigious universities are ready to get into job market annually, and the demand for labor forcein some areas such as business, banking or finance is quite saturated. This may have triggered him to follow his own path of becoming a mechanic.

This turned out to be a wise choice for a career. At first he did have ahard time finding customers for his business, but he put out his best efforts to work. After a while, he earned enough to open his own businessmending cars and other machines. I’d have to say that his services sell like hot cakes recently after he has attained a certain degree of trustfrom his customers. It must have been a tough and risky decision to make, but he did make it. I reckon he deserves the credit and sets an prime example that it’s not always wise to follow others in their footsteps.


Cuecard – 34

34. Describe a time you were glad that you had your mobile phone/ Describe a pleasant experience with  your mobile phone/ Describe a time you bring a cell phone to make you happy

You should say:

– When and where it happened– Why you needed to bring the cell phone– What you did– And explain how you felt about it. 

Smartphones are all the rage nowadays, and they won’t let you down with all their functions and features. Off the top of my head, there comes a time my Iphone did give me an extremely pleasant experience. It was when I was up to ears in revising and reviewing for my finals, and I happened to receive a facetime call from my classmate, which was a great chance to let my hair down a bit.

With the modern functions of the smartphone, it was possible for me to see my friend’s face while exchanging casual gossip. During our talk, the mobile phone allowed us to attach some funny and cute stickers like I can become acat, a dog or a ghost by simply clicking on the icons provided by the app pre- installed on the phone. We did burst into profuse laughter every time we ourselves​ transformed​ into​ a ​different​ person​ with diverse​facial expressions. Previously it was unimaginable that people could meet one another on the phone just exactly like in real life. I was thrilled because I really appreciated the many good things that my mobile phone brought me. Although the Iphone cost me an arm and a leg, it is really worth the price, it does wonders to me and I have to admit that it is the thing that I can’t live without.

Cuecard – 35
38. Describe an interesting talk or speech you heard recently

You should say

– Where you heard it– Who the speaker was– What the talk or speech was about– Why you think it was interesting 

Well, to be honest, there aren’t really that many speeches I’ve heard which I can remember in much detail, you know, I tend to forget most talks pretty much as soon as I’ve finished listening to them! But one talk that did leave a particularly deep impression onme was by X, who I’m not sure if you’ve heard of before, but he’s one of the most accomplished and respected people here in my country, which is why I made the effort to listen to what he had to say.

But anyway, as for what his speech was about, well it was quite a while ago when I listened to it, so I can only remember bits of it, but in a nutshell, itwas basically about success and how we can go about achieving it. And so in his speech, he outlined a few things that we can do if we want to lead asuccessful and fulfilling life, which most of us do of course. So for example, one thing he touched upon was how we should all follow our dreams, instead of simply doing what other people expect of us. And listening to this from X himself really made me believe in the truth of that statement because he’s speaking from experience. And he also went on to explain that many other successful people also attribute their success to the fact that they pursued their dreams.

But anyway, finally, with regard to what I thought of the talk, well to put it simply, I thought it was really informative and so I was able to learn a

tremendous amount from it, such as, you know, how to succeed in what we do, and also what values we should live our lives by.

Another thing that made his talk especially interesting was the fact that heused a lot of stories. So I mean, even though his talk went on for over an hour or so, I didn’t feel bored at all listening to it, and in fact I even made a mental note that, if l ever have to do any public speaking myself in the future, I’ll also try to include a few stories, like X did.

Cuecard – 36

36. Describe a big company you are interested in


In the vicinity of where I’m living, there are a whole lot of large-sized companies, both private-owned or state-owned ones, buy the only one that popped into my mind now is the enterprise called X.


The company’s premises are within walking distance from my house, so I pass it by pretty frequently when I pay a visit to my uncle every Sunday. When it comes to its activities, the company manufactures garment for export so it employs thousands of workers in the neighborhood. Anything ranging from cloth, underwear or jackets is the main product lines of the company.


What strikes me is when I was told that my uncle had been working therefor some years before his retirement. So, he is quite knowledgeable about it and always takes great pride in his time working there. “The work environment is second to none, every month I do get some free underwear”,he said jokingly. And the final interesting point is I am planning to apply for some positions in that company next year.

Cuecard – 37

37. Describe a kind of weather you like

–What kind of weather it is

– What you usually do during this weather– How this weather affects your mood– Why you like this type of weather 

My favorite pattern of weather is a warm day full of sunlight, which is typical of the summer, and I can’t wait till it starts. Yes, it sometimes gets scorching hot and sultry. But I don’t care. At least I don’t have to fight with bulky overcoats or down jackets.

Summery days mean blue sky, gentle breeze, white beaches, and green trees. I love the warmth, the plenty of sunshine it brings and the sun tanned people.On those days, girls wear cute skirts and lovely sun bonnets. All the beautiful colors go around, capturing our attention and being so eye-pleasing. And you can feel the longing to go outdoors and experience an adventure.


It is the ice cream time as well as of a variety of fruits, such as peaches, strawberries and watermelons. I love those after going swimming or hiking. Plus, it is also a time of great relaxation. You’ll always marvel at how muchfun and entertainment can be squeezed into sunny days. There is the time ofrest, swimming, surfing, picnics, fishing and boating. There is always something going on and there are always people enjoying nature. I love thistype of weather because it is linked to most of my best memories and it never fails to trigger my passion in life.

Cuecard – 38

38. Describe a family member who you are proud of/ Describe an influential family member


Well the family member that first comes to my mind is my mom. I’m notsure about others’ but for me, I become closer to my mom as I grow up.

The first thing of my mom that I’m proud of is her beautiful appearance. I was quite surprised when I took a look at the photos when she was at her 20s. Her beauty is traditional and Asian with straight-edged nose, round brown eyes, thin lips and straight long black hair. She’s not very tall yet she is slim and white. In addition, she has a soft-but-firm voice, which reminds me of thenews reporters on TV. Although she’s getting older and aging can be seen clearly, I must say her beauty remains the first thing that not only me but the whole family can be proud of.

The next thing I must highlight is her personalities. My mom is a strict and thoughtful person when it comes to educating her children. She tries her bestto become a good role model that me and my younger brother could look up to. We learned cooking, doing household chores and taking care of ourselves, which not only would us be able to live independently in the future,but we also can help her after her long day at work. What makes me adore my mom more is that she is also a knowledgeable person. Her general knowledgeamazes us all

the time. Besides, how she manages her work and her daily life is such a value of maturation that I desire.

During the time I studied abroad, the one I shared a lot of ups and downs with is her. I hope that as I grow up, I could become as mature as her.

Cuecard – 39
39. Describe a favorite sports you watched/ a sport you like to watch.

You should say:

– What it is– When you watched it– How you watch it– And explain why you like watching it 

I’m a live wire and fond of various sporting activities, and off the top of my head, tennis would be amongst my most favorite ones, and it is also the sportsI love watching most.

When I am up to ears in study, revising and reviewing for the exams, I often turn on the TV, flick through some channels and look for some tennis matches. They help me let my hair down a bit after a nerve-rackingperiod of time at school. Usually, I am keen on watching how skillful themovements of the players are as this sport requires agility and hand-eye coordination. I often hold my breath watching the players exchanging the tennis ball and predict who the winner is.

I often watch with my intimate buddies, who have the same interest as me, and we often bet on the winner. I simply like watching this game for its entertaining value. And as well as this, in real life, I often practice this sport, so watching it hones my skills in matches with my friends at school.

Cuecard – 40


Describe a special day out when you went out but didn’t spend much money

You should say:

when and where this happened what did you do

who were there with you

And explain why it was special


Although I’m not from a rich family, I’m absolutely willing to splurge on stuff on special occasions. Off the top of my head, there was a time when I and four of my closest friends went out for dining on my birthday, but I didn’t spend much money as I had expected.

We made up our mind to go for a newly opened restaurant within a stone’s throw from my house. As it’s their opening day, there were special offers and discounts for us to claim, and it really hit the spot as most of us were running short of cash for the time being. Without much hesitation, we entered and started ordering food. I was trying to be less stingy and asked my friends to order as much as they could because I would be the person to foot the bill onmy birthday.

We ordered a total of 7 dishes, ranging from beef and pork to seafood andbeer. We ate to our heart’s content as the foods were absolutely out of this world, much more delicious than other diners I had been to. After having relished the meal, I asked for the bill, and the sum gave me a surprise really. It was just 50 dollars, too inexpensive for a 7-course meal, but anyway I settledthe bill without even asking the waitress why it was so cheap.

The occasion was quite meaningful to me because I had the chance to meet up my friends after such a long time as they are living and working quite far from me. We had a whale of a time without having to shell out too much cash on the dinner.

Cuecard – 41
41. Describe an intelligent person you know/ Describe  a knowledgeable person/ Describe a person who knows alot.

You should say:

– who this person is– when and where you first met them– what kind of person they are– and explain why you think this person is intelligent. 

Ok right then, well the person that I’d like to talk about is one of my university friends called Nick, because he’s honestly one of the smartest people I know. And we’ve been friends ever since I started university, because I found myself sitting next to him in our first lecture, and we kind of just got talking.

As for what kind of person he is, well um, I guess the best way to describe him would be sociable and likeable. Although he’s a super smart guy, he’s not arrogant in the slightest and he gets on well with everyone.

Anyway, moving onto why I think he’s intelligent, well first of all, he alwaysdoes really well in all our exams, you know, like coming top or second in most of them. And what’s amazing is that he doesn’t seem to study all that hard, but still manages to do so well. For example, as well as studying, he’s also got a part-time job, which I’m sure must take up quite a bit of his time. So it’s really impressive how he’s able to do this without affecting his studies whatsoever. And another thing is that whenever the lecturer asks a question, he always knows the answer, and sometimes he’ll just whisper it to me because he feels a bit embarrassed to answer every time.

So yeah. I’d say he’s a really clever guy, and I feel very lucky to have such a good friend.

Cuecard – 42

42.Describe an interesting place that few people know/ few tourists get there

You should say:

Where the place is How you knew it

Why few people know it

And explain why it is interesting

Describe an interesting place that few people know/ few tourists get there

You should say:

Where the place is How you knew it

Why few people know it

And explain why it is interesting


Off the top of my head, a place quite off the beaten track but really worth a try is a small lake called X, on the outskirts of the city.

As I have mentioned, it’s quite far to reach and is almost inaccessible by coach or other means of transport. The only way that you can make it to the lake is by motorbike, and you have to be prepared to overcome the rough terrain if you want to get there. This is simply because the rural part of the city quite lags behind and road development might take dozens of years to complete, so the paths are quite muddy and uneven. After strenuous ride, the prize will beyours to grab. In front of your eyes appears a picturesque lake Unspoiled and virgin in its state and I bet you won’t stop staring at it in wonder.


The best part about the lake is the crystal clear water, no contamination or the like. You can even catch sight of fish swimming in the water or dragonflies hovering around the lake surface. There’re also many ancient treessurrounding the lake, which gives plenty of shade to the travelers. It’s the bestspot to have a camping trip or picnic with your friends, or simply throwing your fishing rod while contemplating things in life. It’s really serene andtranquil.

I hope more people would know this place, and with that in mind, the authorities should make the road more accessible by providing some constructions or offer some services to move people there in a speediermanner.

Cuecard – 43

43.Describe a toy that you received when you were a child

You should say:

What the toy was Who gave it to you? How you used this

And explain how you felt when you got this toy


Let me tell you about my favorite toy I owned when I was ten years old. It wasa superman, actually. I liked it because of the cartoons produced by theJapanese. But since I was extremely absorbed in model toys at the time so I pestered my parents constantly and, finally they agreed and were willing to shell out big bucks to afford it for me. I was so revved up when I got it in the toys store. It was very delicate and finely painted and modelled perfectly, justlike my favorite character in the cartoon, so I almost played with it after classon the daily basis.


This toy carries great significance to me because I have ponged for it and itwas hardly affordable at that time. So I always held it in my hand whilewatching the cartoon series. As a kid that was a fascinating and exciting moment for me. Superman was the replaceable hero in my mind, and I hope I could become a strong man in the future like him to protect others around me.


I still keep the toy in mint condition, and each time I happen to catch aglimpse of it, memories of my happy childhood just flash back and sometimes tears trickle down my face just imagining how the toy really means to me.

Cuecard – 44


Describe an unusual/ an unforgettable meal


You should say:

When was it

Where you had the meal

What happened during the meal

And explain why it was unforgettable


Well, the meal I’ve decided to talk to you about was a farewell dinner of a good friend of mine, because he was about to go off to Canada for a few years tostart university there, so he invited a few of his close friends for dinner beforeheading off.

And one of the reasons I’ve chosen to talk about this meal instead of some ofthe others I’ve been to is simply that it’s still quite fresh in my memory. You know, it was only about a couple of weeks ago when it happened. And it was a really nice restaurant that we went to, definitely one of the best in the city. So I was kind of relieved that it wouldn’t be me footing the bill!

Anyway regarding what we ate, well I couldn’t tell you every single dish that we had, because there was just so much, you know, the whole table was covered with food. I mean, there was crab, chicken, duck, what else, um,……oh yeah, shrimps, and, uh…..oh and a whole load of different vegetables. So by the end of it, I was absolutely stuffed.

But anyway, finally, in terms of how I felt about the meal, well to put it simply, I really enjoyed it, because as well as the food, which was fantastic, I really

enjoyed everyone’s company. You know, it was great being together with so many good friends, many of which I hadn’t seen in quite a while.

So yeah, all in all, it was a really special evening, and I’m extremely grateful to my friend for his generosity, as the bill must have come to quite a lot.

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