Ultimate IELTS Speaking Ideas Collection – Zoo


1. By bringing people and animals together, zoos foster an appreciation for animals, which could motivate people to protect them.

2. Zoos save endangered species by bringing them to a safe environment, where they are protected from poachers, habitat loss, starvation, and predators. 

3 Many zoos also have breeding programs for endangered species. In the wild, these individuals can have trouble finding a mate and reproducing. 

4 In a good zoo, animals are never bored, they are well cared for, and have plenty of space.

5. A visit to a zoo is a healthy family activity 

6 Seeing an animal in person is a much more personal and memorable experience than seeing it in a wildlife documentary. 

7 Some zoos help rehabilitate animals and accept exotic pets than people no longer 

8. They allow researchers and scientists to better understand the way animals live. This could be useful to save more of them 

9. Having zoos means that all animals are cared for and free from disease or malnutrition. 

10. Zoos can be educational and teach children and adults about animals and the way they live. 


1) We do not have the right to breed, capture or contain animals even if they are endangered. Being a member of an endangered species does not mean that the individual animals have fewer rights. 

2) Animals suffer from stress and boredom in captivity.  

3) Removing animals from the wild continues to put the wild population at risk as the remaining animals have greater difficulty finding mates.  

4) If people want to see wild animals in person, they can observe them in the wild or visit a sanctuary.  

5) Sanctuaries also rehabilitate animals and take in unwanted exotic pets without raising, buying, and selling animals like zoos. 

6) When zoos teach children something, it is acceptable to imprison animals for our own entertainment. 

7) Studies have shown that animals kept in zoos do not live as long as wild animals. 

8) Animals sometimes escape their enclosures and endanger themselves and people. 

9) When animals born in the zoo When released into the wild, they find it very difficult to attack adapt to the environment. 

  • How can I generate ielts speaking ideas?

    process is really very easy. First create topic, or take any topic and think about possible answer. If you are not able to get any idea then search on Google.com and take a piece of it( Do not copy 100%), and then try to create your own idea.

  • How do I get more speaking ideas?

    Read as much as possible to collect more ideas. 

  • How can I answer ielts speaking part 3?

    Always  give descriptive  answers in IELTS Speaking part 3.


    1 – You can give negative  answer as well, it is not mandatory to follow examiner’s  prospective.

    2 -You can not bluff but related to the topic



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