Ultimate IELTS Speaking Ideas – Smartphones

Do smartphone have more advantages than disadvantages?


  1. Cell phones are useful in emergencies. They could even save your life as you can contact the police, fire department, etc.

2. They keep you from getting bored. For example, you can read the news, play games, listen to music or watch a movie while sitting on a bus.

3. You have revolutionized the way we communicate.

4. We can be with family, Keeping friends and colleagues in touch wherever we are.

5. Smartphones are versatile; They allow us to send text messages, surf the Internet, take photos, listen to music, etc. 

6. They can be used as fashion accessories. 

7. They are a powerful learning tool. By the applications that are installed on smartphones these days. , children and even adults will learn many things from them.

8. They are equipped with high-resolution cameras. With these devices, you always have your camera available, being able to take high-quality photos anytime you want 

9. With a smartphone, you can check your email or even your bank account on the go much more conveniently.

10. Smartphones are great for drivers as they help them get to their destination and avoid traffic jams.


1. It’s so annoying when people talk loudly on their cell phones.

2. People have become too dependent on them. 

3.We are addicted to our cell phones and the idea of leaving them at home or turning them off would immediately scare us.

4.Some people send rude text messages.

5. Cellular phones can be problematic in some public places: 

 * They disrupt movie theaters.

 * They can disrupt classes and affect students’ concentration.

6. Their waves can damage our brains. 

7.They are a popular target for thieves.

8. They can be a dangerous distraction (for example, using a cell phone while driving reduces the driver’s concentration). Texting while driving has already caused tens of millions of traffic fatalities. 

9.Anyone can reach you anywhere, anytime via mobile phone. There are certain times when you don’t want this, but people you know expect you to be approachable since you have such a device.

10 Using mobile phones to cheat on exams has become a big problem in many schools. to text answers under their desks during exams and sometimes even find the answers using a search engine on their.


  • Do IELTS speaking questions repeat?

    It is very rare. do not even expect that you, and your friend  will get the exact same questions in the test. Practice at least 300 topics to perform  well.

  • How can I ask question in IELTS speaking?

    If you don’t  understand  anything  you can ask questions. It is very easy to ask.

    • Sorry. I didn’t  understand. could  you please repeat?
    • Can you please  share what you mean by __
    • I am really  sorry . I don’t  understand

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