Ultimate IELTS Speaking Ideas Collection – Online Education

Is online education a good substitute for face-to-face education?

If Yes Then

1. There is no need to commute to campus, which not only reduces traffic and air pollution but also saves students time and money.

2. There are no geographic location restrictions.

3. You can study at your preferred pace and learn at your convenience.

4. Students can work full-time or part-time during class.

5. There are no accommodation costs and tuition fees are often lower.

6. You can work with students from all over the world.

7. There is no discrimination among students based on race, national origin, age, dress, etc. 

8. It is best for those who are introverted as well as those who require more time to understand the points and learn them.

9 lessons. The provided audio and video instructions can be rewound and watched and heard over and over again if you don’t understand the subject the first time.

10. You don’t have to depend on someone for anything.

11. Discussion boards allow you to interact with others and clarify your doubts if any.

If No Then

1. It would be difficult to develop relationships with classmates.

2. There is no personal attention and no feedback from teachers.

3. There is no campus atmosphere to create social interaction.

4.Students may need to learn new or advanced computer skills.

5. Additional costs for high-speed internet would have to be paid.

6. Traditional instructors who believe in lectures and handouts may have difficulty adapting to the new system.

7. Assessments are based only on knowledge, not on practicality.

8. It would not be suitable for those who are not organized and self-disciplined. 

9. Although you communicate regularly with the faculty, nothing can replace face-to-face interaction and teamwork.

10. E-learning requires the use of a computer and other similar devices, which means that eyestrain, poor posture, and other physical problems can affect students.


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