IELTS Writing Task 1 – How To Describe Pie Chart

3 Steps IELTS Writing Task -1 Pie Chart preparation

 * Find the largest and smallest sections of your pie charts – what do they represent? What is the percentage? 

 * Do a quick scan: write down the times, dates, and measurements. 

 * When you are sure you have selected the main features, continue with Next Step.

4 Paragraphs PIE CHART Structure

 Paragraph 1

 Write a sentence explaining what the graphs show. You can paraphrase the title 


Pie Chart title: Holiday destinations chosen by the Welsh 1955-2005.

 Your first sentence: The pie chart shows the holiday preferences of the Welsh for a period of fifty years beginning in 1955 and ending in 2005. 

 Paragraph 2

 Talk about the information you have separated in Step 2 Focus on the first group 

 Paragraph 3

 Talk about the information you have separated in Step 2 Focus on the second group 

 Paragraph 4

 Two sentences that summarise your description (Which are general trends, changes, etc.) 

 Tips for Interpreting Pie Charts in Academic Writing Task -1.

We’ll start by giving you some general tips for interpreting a pie chart in your IELTS Academic Writing Assignment.

 These are good to keep in mind advice from the moment. Take a first look at the pie charts that were given to you, until the time you finish your writing assignment 1: 40 to 4 * If you can’t compare the information in your pie charts, don’t panic. In that case, please provide a summary of each image is fine. Make comparisons where relevant. 

— Avoid giving personal opinions at all costs. (E. If the graph shows rising prices and you know it is due to a war in the Middle East, say nothing. You should not mention your personal opinion). 

–Always pay attention. to the time frame of your pie charts and use the appropriate verb tense (past, present, or future).

 –Focus on getting all the appropriate data from the pie charts/graphs in your writing. 

Now let’s talk about the language you should use 

Vocabulary for academic IELTS Writing Task-1- Pie Chart

 which ____ represents the majority of _____, while _____ is certainly the smallest 

 Sales of _____ were at __% in 1925, which is the majority of_____. 

— (If the percentage is around 60%) – Almost a third … 

 (If the percentage is around 52%) – More than half of all respondents … 

 Here are some examples of good wording for the smallest section of your pie chart: 

 A small fraction … 

 Exactly 30% of the students … 

 (If the percentage is around 25%) About a quarter of the respondents

 .. while _____ sales were only 10%.

 In 1955 about three-quarters were ____, while in 1960 

Right tense for Academic writing task pie chart.

Here are the two basic rules you should follow: 

 Check the chart title and the pie chart subtitles, find the dates

– if the year is before the current year (i .2021), use the past tense– if the year is after the present year (ie 2021), use the future tense– if there is no year, use the present tense simply 

How to compare 2 pie charts in IELTS Academic Writing

1. Before writing about the detailed figures, please give an overview of what the graphs represent. 

2. Say precisely what the data refers to. There is a difference between, for example, a user who spends 57% off their time playing games and a user. dedicating 57% off their tablet time to games. (You can write% or percentage, but be consistent). 

3. You do not need to describe all the information in the diagrams. Select the most important things 

4. t repeat vocabulary. Use different words and phrases with the same or similar meaning, e.playing games = gaming.

5.Use similar, in the same way or also to show similarities.

6.Use however, in contrast, but, while or in instead of showing differences .


  • How do you write an Ielts pie chart?

    1.Introduction of the pie charts. Write what they summarize. 

    2.Write a general overview. Write briefly the main trends. 

    3. Describe the first diagram. Talk about the activities on the children’s chart and their popularity.  

    4 Describe the second table. 

  • How do you write an introduction for a pie chart?

    Introduction: Paraphrase the question. Overview: Describe the overall trend or write a general overview of the main groupings. Body Paragraph 1: Write in detail about the first grouping in a logical manner. Body Paragraph 2: Write in detail about the second grouping in a logical way

  • How do pie charts compare to IELTS?

    Please read above mentioned article  in detail.

  • How do you conclude a pie chart?

    There is one tip you can follow to write the conclusion in a pie chart. You can give the highest percentage and / or the lowest percentage from the pie charts to write the conclusion. 

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