Topic IELTS Vocabulary – Towns, cities, and villages

Towns, Cities and Villages IELTS Vocabulary


PHILIPPINE ENGLISH in the Philippines, a village or neighbourhood

the big smoke

 a large town or city

boom town

a town or city that suddenly becomes successful because there is a lot of new business activity

the bright lights

a big city where you can have an exciting life and be successful


the city where a country or region has its government


a large important town


a city that in the past joined with the area around it to form an independent state


a large city area that develops when towns that are close to each other get bigger and join together

county town

BRITISH the town in a county where its government is based

dormitory town

BRITISH a place from which many people travel to a city to work


SOUTH AFRICAN a village or small town


in England, a new town that is designed in a way that reduces people’s impact on the environment to a minimum

garden city

a community of homes that includes many parks and public gardens

ghost town

a town where most people have left

hill station

in southern Asia, a town in the hills where people go in order to be more comfortable when the weather is very hot


a village in Malaysia


a large city, or an area that contains a lot of large cities


INDIAN ENGLISH a city with a population of over one million


MAINLY LITERARY a big city, especially considered as somewhere that is very busy and exciting


a city, especially in Russia, where most of the population works in one industry, such as making cars


a town or other area that has its own local government

new town

BRITISH a town that is planned and designed and is built on land where there was not a town before

one-horse town

INFORMAL a town that is small and boring


a small town far away from other towns, usually where trading takes place


a small area in the countryside in England that has its own local government

population centre

an area where a lot of people live


a city where there is a port


a small town, especially in parts of the US that are near Mexico

satellite town

a town or city that is close to and depends on a larger city


a town by the sea with a large port


in the past, a small Jewish town or village in eastern Europe

sustainable city

a city that is designed to cause the least possible harm to the environment


the part of a town or city in South Africa where black people had to live because of apartheid

  • How to improve my vocabulary for IELTS

    Best way is to improve vocabulary is to prepare notes. Whenever , and wherever you see a new word or unfamiliar  word add it in your note, and keep revising.

  • Which book is best for ielts vocabulary?

    Do not use book to improve  your vocabulary for IELTS, it is very slow a poor method. I would  suggest  you to watch english movies, and listen songs.


    Only 1 rule

    Never ignore  unfamiliar  word.

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