How to Write IELTS Essay Introduction

Rehash the Question in your own words

In the paper presentation, you should begin by rehashing the Question. This doesn’t imply that you should COPY the question.

You should state the Question once more, however utilizing various words that mean something very similar (equivalents).

For instance, if your question was something like: Some individuals accept that the death penalty ought to never be utilized. Others accept that it very well may be utilized for the most genuine violations. Examine the two perspectives and offer your input.

At that point, the initial sentence of your acquaintance should utilize equivalents with the state of the inquiry again in your own words. for instance: It is a familiar way of thinking that capital punishment is a Draconian punishment and not proper in present-day culture. Notwithstanding, there is likewise a contention that the vilest violations ought to have this generally serious of disciplines.

Presently, don’t stress over the significant level of the model sentences above.

In any case, from the model, you can see that it is conceivable to re-compose the question utilizing extraordinary jargon and still hold the first importance and ‘kind’ of the first question.

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