150 + Important IELTS Vocabulary ( IELTS Vocabulary List 2021)

to be on trend: to be very fashionable
casual clothes: not formal
classic style: a simple, traditional style that is always fashionable
designer label: a well-known company that makes (often expensive) clothing
dressed to kill: wearing clothes that attract admirers
to dress for the occasion: to wear clothes suitable for a particular event
fashionable: in fashion
fashion house: a company that sells (usually expensive) new styles in clothes
fashion icon: a person who is famous for their sense of fashion
fashion show: an event where modals show off the latest in fashion designs
to get dressed up: to put on nice clothes, often to go out somewhere special
to go out of fashion: to not be in fashion any more
hand-me-downs: clothes that are passed down from older brothers or sisters to their younger siblings- to have an eye for (fashion): to be a good judge of
to have a sense of style: the ability to wear clothes that look stylish
the height of fashion: very fashionable
– to keep up with the latest fashion: to wear the latest fashions
to look good in: to wear something that suits you
to mix and match: to wear different styles or items of clothing that aren’t part of a set outfit
must-have: something that is highly fashionable and therefore in demand
– off the peg: clothing that is ready made
old fashioned: not in fashion any more
on the catwalk: the stage that modals walk along to show off the latest fashions
a slave to fashion: someone who always feel the need to wear the latest fashions
smart clothes: the kind of clothes worn for a formal event
to suit someone: to look good on someone
to take pride in one’s appearance: to pay attention to how one looks
timeless: something that doesn’t go out of fashion
vintage clothes: clothes from an earlier period
well-dressed: to be dressed attractively


– to be the life and soul of the party: a fun person, someone who is the centre of activity
– to bend over backwards: to try very hard to help someone
broad-minded: prepared to accept other views or behaviours
easy-going: relaxed and not easily worried about anything
– extrovert: an energetic person who likes the company of others
– fair-minded: to treat people equally
fun-loving: to enjoy having fun
to hide one’s light under a

-bushel: to hide one’s talents and skills
good company: enjoyable to socialise with
good sense of humour: the ability to understand what is funny
introvert: someone who is shy
laid-back: see ‘easy-going’
– to lose one’s temper: to suddenly become angry
narrow minded: opposite of ‘broad-minded’ (see above)
– painfully shy: very shy
-to put others first: to think of others before yourself
– quick-tempered: to become angry quickly
– reserved: shy
– self-assured: confident
– self-centred: thinks only of oneself


– self-confident: believes in one’s own ability or knowledge
self-effacing: to not try to get the attention of others (especially in terms of hiding one’s skills or abilities)
–  to take after: to be like (often another member of the family)
– thick-skinned: not easily affected by criticism
– trustworthy: can be trusted
– two-faced: not honest or sincere. Will say one thing to someone to their face and another when they are not present.


– to balance the books: to not spend more money than you are earning
– to be self-employed: to work for yourself/to not work for an employer
to cold call: to make a sales call to someone without asking them for permission first
– cut throat competition: when one company lowers its prices, forcing other companies to do the same, sometimes to a point where business becomes unprofitable
– to do market research: to do research into what potential customers would or wouldn’t buy
– to draw up a business plan: to write a plan for a new business
– to drum up business: to try to get customers
– to earn a living: to earn money
– to go bust: when a business is forced to close because it is unsuccessful
– cash flow: the money coming in and going out of a busines


– to go into business with: to join another person to start or expand a business
to go it alone: to start your own business
– to go under: (see ‘to go bust’)
– to have a web presence: to have a website or social media profile that showcases your business
– to launch a product: to start selling and promoting a new product
– to lay someone off: when a company ends an employee’s contract of employment
– lifestyle business: a business that is set up to bring in a sufficient income and no more
– to make a profit: to earn more money than it costs to run the business
– niche business: a business that serves a small, particular market
– to raise a company profile: to make more people aware of a business
– to run your own business: to have a business of your own
– sales figures: a report of the income a company generates through sales of products or services
– to set up a business: to start a business
– stiff competition: strong competition from other companies in the same area of work
– to take on employees: to employ people
– to take out a loan: to borrow money

to win a contract: when a business gets legally-binding work with an individual or company
– to work for yourself: (see ‘to be self-employed’)


– to bear a striking resemblance: to look very similar to
– cropped hair: very short hair
– disheveled hair: untidy hair
– to dress up to the nines: to dress very smartly or glamorously

– fair hair: light-coloured hair
– to be fair-skinned: light skinned
– to get done up: to dress smartly
– to be getting on a bit: to be getting old
– to go grey: to have hair that is turning grey
– to be good looking: to be attractive
– to grow old gracefully: to act in a way that embraces the fact you are getting older
– to be hard of hearing: to find it difficult to hear
– in his/her 30s/40s: to be 20/30 something
– scruffy: dressed untidily
–  to look young for your age: to look younger than you are
– to lose one’s figure: to have a figure that has lost its toned shape
– complexion: natural skin colour and texture
– make up: cosmetics
– medium height: average height
– middle-aged: approximately between 45-65
– to never have a hair out of place: perfectly styled hair
– to be overweight: to weigh more than is regarded as healthy
– pointed face: the opposite of a round face
– shoulder-length hair: hair that comes down to the shoulders and no further


– boarded up shops: shops that are no longer doing business

– chain stores: well-known brands with shops in multiple cities
to close down: to stop doing business
– fashionable boutiques: fashionable clothes shops
– to get around: to travel around
– high-rise flats: multi-story apartments
– inner-city: the central part of a city where people live and where condidions are often poor
– in the suburbs: the outer area of large towns and cities where people live
– lively bars/restaurants: bars or restaurants with a good atmosphere
– local facilities: local buildings or services serving the public
– multi-story car parks: car parks on several floors
– office block: a large building that contains offices
– out of town shopping centre/retail park: large shopping centres outside of the town or city
– pavement cafe: cafes with tables outside on the pavement
– places of interest: buildings that have a particular interest for visitors
– poor housing: housing that is not in good condition
– public spaces: areas in a town or city that are open to the public
– public transport system: public vehicles such as buses and trains that operate at regular times on fixed routes
– residential area: an area where people live


– run down: old and of a poor standard
– shopping centre: an area consisting of multiple shops
– shopping malls: large indoor shopping centres
– sprawling city: a city that has grown over time and which covers a wide area
– tourist attraction: a place of interest to tourists
traffic congestion: heavy traffic making it difficult to move around a town or city
-upmarket shops: expensive fashionable shops


-adoring fans: people who love a particular band or singer
– background music: music that is played while something else is happening
– a catchy tune: a song that is easy to remember and makes you want to sing it


– classical music: music that is regarded as part of a long, formal tradition
– to download tracks: to obtain music from the Internet
to have a great voice: to sing well
– to go on tour: to go on a planned series of performances around a region or country
a huge following: a large number of fans
– live music: music that is listened to while it is performed (not recorded)
 live performance: (see live music)
– a massive hit: a record that sells lots of copies
– a music festival: music performances at a venue often over several days
– musical talent: skilled at music
– to be/sing out of tune: to not be in harmony/to sing the wrong notes
– a piece of music: an item of music
– to play by ear: to play without reading the musical notes
– a pop group: a small group of people who play or sing pop music together
– to read music: to understand and follow written musical notes
– a rock band: a group of musicians that play rock music
– to sing along to: to join in singing
– a sing-song: to sing informally, often with other people
– a slow number: a song with a slow tempo

– to take up a musical instrument: to begin learning a musical instrument
–  taste in music: the music someone likes
– to be tone deaf: to be unable to distinguish the different notes in music


– to be below freezing: below zero degrees Celsius
–  bitterly cold: very cold and unpleasant
– a blanket of snow: a complete covering of snow
– boiling hot: very hot (informal)
– changeable: weather that often changes
– a change in the weather: when weather conditions change
– clear blue skies: a sky without clouds
– to clear up: when clouds or rain disappear
– to come out (the sun): when the sun appears out of a cloudy sky
a cold spell: a short period of cold weather
– to dress up warm: to wear warm clothes to protect yourself against
wintry conditions
– a drop of rain: a little bit of rain
– a flash flood: a sudden and severe flood
– freezing cold: very cold (informal)
– to get caught in the rain: to be outside when it rains unexpectedly
– to get drenched: to get very wet
heatstroke: a serious condition caused by being too long in hot weather

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