How To Score Band 7.5 in IELTS Writing in 2021

6 Points To Consider

Here are the things you MUST do to get a higher score:

1) Manage your time

– Spend 20mins MAX on Task 1

– Save more opportunity for Task 2 (the exposition)

2) your answer cautiously

– Understand the inquiry

– Make sure to cover all aspects of the inquiry to get excellent grades in Task Achievement (ex: If the paper requests to examine AND give models from your own like – you should utilize the words I or MY in your article)

3) Learn the design for each question

– depicting the picture is generally 4 sections

– composing a letter needs a welcome, opening sentence, 2–3 body sections, and closing down

– exposition is preferably 4–5 sections

4) Master the expertise of summarizing

– Both errand 1 and 2 expect understudies to summarize the inquiry on the off chance that they need to get better grades

– Practice past inquiries/themes so you get settled with the jargon (and learn enough equivalents of basic words)

5) Write quick!!!

– Once your answer is arranged, compose as quick as possible

– Finish as quickly as time permits and invest more energy editing

6) Correct your missteps

– You’ll lose marks for each spelling/syntax botch (stay away from them)

– If in uncertainty about a specific word or syntactic tense – stick to straightforward words to try not to commit errors

7) Improve your answer

– Once done – attempt to add more “scholarly jargon” (ex: rather than the word show say illustrate; give – give… )

– Add in certain collocations (to improve your jargon score)

– Change basic sentences to complex sentences

– Sprinkle in various tenses (past – present – future – constant – great); it will expand your syntax score

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