How to Greet Examiner in IELTS Speaking ( IELTS Speaking – Greeting Examiner)

IELTS Speaking test starts with Greeting. Just Imagine Situation where you are waiting outside of examination hall and your examiner calls you to come in for the test ( Yes Examiner will come to pick you from outside and tell you to sit properly inside examination hall) & now it is your turn and you need to greet your examiner but before I move on let me tell you it is no where written that you need to greet your examiner but I would highly recommend you to do for your own good and that you will understand later in this article.

Why Greeting is Important?

As I have already mentioned there is no such rule and even this won’t be considered in evaluation but still, it is advisable to do so. 

  1. Just Imagine this is an international level examination and it is good to be kind.                           
  2. After your greeting, your examiner will greet you too and that will make you a little bit comfortable in the exam hall ( Trust me I have experienced this).
  3. You will gain some more confidence.

How to Greet?

Well, this is the easiest part of the entire test.

  • Good Morning Sir/Mam
  • Good Afternoon Sir/ mam
  • Good Evening Sir / Mam

that’s all your job is done here but there are few things to avoid so for that keep reading.


  • Butter polish ( Like you are looking nice)
  • No other question ( Like How are you or How was your day?)
  • No gifts for an examiner
  • Avoid Informal language ( Like just Morning, Afternoon)

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