Ultimate IELTS Speaking Ideas Collection – Home Schooling

Should children be taught at home by their parents?

If Yes Then

  1. Planning the curriculum and school hours of your children.

2. Show your children that education is fun.

3. Create strong bonds with your children.

4. Adopt teaching methods that suit your children’s learning style. 

5. Spend more time with your kids on difficult concepts and move on after your kids master them.

6. Create a flexible schedule that is not possible for children enrolled in public schools.

7. Protect your children from violence, drugs and any negative behaviour that children in public schools often encounter.

8. Offer your children personal interaction that cannot be offered in large classes.

9. Spend additional time helping their children develop special talents they have, including music, sports, etc. 

10. Get closer to your spouse as you home-school with their children.

11. enjoy spending more time with your children.

12.Take your children on vacation when public schools are still in class. 

13. you are in control of your children’s diet.


If No Then

1 Be around your children all day. This can be difficult when children are fidgety and misbehaving.


2 Frequently explains reasons for homeschooling to friends and family who are confused about their decision.

3 constantly trying to be effective teachers preparing, reviewing numerous curricular programs, etc.

4 Constantly motivating their children.

5 quitting their job, effectively reducing family income.

6 buying books, computers and other educational tools, which could be very expensive. 


  • How can I get 7 in ielts speaking?

    It is easy to score band 7 in IELTS Speaking test. You need to focus on 4 criteria equally. Identify  your strong  zone, and weak zone. Make your strong  zone strongest, and weak zone Strong.

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